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Add Value to Your Collection with Graded Coins

graded coins

Learn About Graded Coins and the Value They Can Add to Your Collection

A budding numismatist may wonder when to begin building their collection of graded coins. Graded coins do represent a slightly more serious investment in your collection and a new or young coin enthusiast may not understand the value of a graded coin. Let’s examine the ways a graded coin enhances a collection.

What is a Graded Coin?

The numismatic value of any given coin depends on the date and mintmark of the coin, its mintage and its condition. This is common knowledge among coin collectors but may leave a young numismatist wondering what, exactly, is the value of a graded coin. A coin’s grade denotes the coin’s condition in painstaking detail. Generally speaking, there are five components that determine the grade of a coin: strike, surface preservation, luster, coloration and eye appeal. Coins are carefully examined during the grading process. What appears to be a negligible flaw to a layman can significantly impact a graded coin’s value. The best way to minimize the inherent subjectivity in grading and maintain stringent standards is to use reputable coin grading services such as NGC and PCGS. Certified coins assigned a grade by a respected third-party grading service such as these are referred to as “graded coins.”

Why Buy Graded Coins?

When a coin is graded, it gains instant credibility. Its condition has been assessed by experts and, relatively speaking, standardized. Knowing the exact value of your item allows you to freely liquidate your numismatic coin for top dollar with no uncertainty. Graded coins are regularly traded sight-unseen. A graded coin can be easy to sell should you have an emergency or simply wish to move your collection in another direction. Moreover, coin grading provides a means for buyers and sellers to agree on the specific state of preservation of a given coin in a way that protects you as purchaser. Each coin submitted to a third-party grading service is sealed in a protective plastic holder after its grade is assigned. As long as the coin remains in the holder, it will be valued at the assigned grade. You will know without a doubt if the coin has been tampered with in any way that could affect its value. Finally, buying graded coins establishes your collection as something you pursue seriously and passionately. When you buy graded coins, you are trading in an expertly evaluated commodity in a way that protects you as the buyer, guarantees liquidity and builds a lasting and respectable collection.

How to Buy Graded Coins

Buying graded coins is made simple by shopping with APMEX. Among our large inventory is an exceptional selection of graded coins. Of course, we take great pride in being one of the most innovative companies in our industry and have leveraged partnerships with the top coin grading agencies to create CoinGrade+. This state-of-the-art service provides relevant numismatic information synced daily with third-party grading services. You can ensure you have up-to-the-moment information on your coin through CoinGrade+. This is a new and thrilling frontier in coin grading found only at APMEX.

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