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Rounds or Coins? Does One Have Better Value Than The Other?

Learn About the Difference Between Rounds and Bullion

For both investors and collectors, researching the right Precious Metal is important. There are many varieties from which to choose, but a common area where many people struggle making the decision is between rounds and coins. Does one have more value than the other? While both have similar shapes, the value will depend on what you seek for your collection or investment. Whether you are searching for Silver rounds or Gold coins, the intrinsic value is evident. The differences between rounds and coins are worth investigating based on your purchasing needs.


Rounds and coins both make good buys. Bullion coins are backed by a sovereign government and have a face value whereas a round is minted by a private mint and does not have a face value. Bullion coins were, or are currently, circulated as currency, but that does not necessarily mean they have more value than a round. Collectors and investors may be interested in both. Comparing and contrasting bullion coins and rounds is important because it will help determine what to buy and how to fulfill your personal investment strategy. The values of coins and rounds are determined differently.

  • Bullion coins

    Government-backed bullion coins are collected by millions of people around the world. Being called a “coin” means the product has a face value attached to it, coming in various denominations based on country and metal content. Coins carrying a face value are produced specifically by a government mint, often with a patriotic or cultural theme. Throughout time, bullion coins can become a collector’s item or can even become rare coins. This, in turn, can drive the value even higher for a collector. Buying these coins often comes at a price, however. The price you pay will include a decent markup above the Precious Metals spot price.

  • Bullion rounds

    Rounds provide excellent contrast for collectors. These are Precious Metal items that do not carry a face value and are not backed by a government. As such, these bullion pieces normally avoid the markup found on bullion coins. Moreover, rounds, by virtue of being produced by private mints, can take on unique shapes, sizes and designs. Rounds can add an eclectic mix of bullion to your collection, all the while maintaining a high level of metal content.

Both bullion rounds and coins have value. The difference is your investment and collection goals. Collectors can get as creative as they wish with a Precious Metals collection. Some collect only rare coins like the Pre-1933 Gold coins while some collectors like to delve into more unique designs and eclectic tastes like movie-themed coins. The possibilities are endless, but bullion coins and bullion rounds are perfect for an investment opportunity unlike any other.

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