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What is the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee? 

citizens coinage advisory committee

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) is a government committee that advises the Secretary of the Treasury on U.S. coin and medal designs. It was established in 2003 to represent American citizens and coin collectors. The committee consists of specially qualified experts, representatives of the general public, and people recommended by government authorities. It meets at least twice annually to discuss designs, commemorative releases, and more.  

Establishment of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee 

The 108th Congress of the United States government established the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee in 2003 by enacting Public Law 108-15. This law created the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee and abolished the Citizens Commemorative Coin Advisory Committee. It also continued membership from the previous committee to the new one, the CCAC. It states that the committee was formed to advise the Secretary of the Treasury on themes and designs for coins and that the committee is subject to the authority of the Secretary of the Treasury. The law also consisted of the act to change the design of the 5-cent coin.   

Responsibilities of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee 

The CCAC’s primary responsibilities are advising the Secretary of the Treasury on themes and designs for coins and medals produced by the U.S. Mint. They meet at least twice a year or at the call of the Secretary, chairperson, or majority of the members. They have met at least four times each year for the past two years. The meetings are open to the public and streamed live on YouTube. After each meeting, the minutes, transcripts, audio files, images, and recommendations are available on the CCAC website. 

In their most recent meeting on June 18th, 2024, the CCAC looked at designs for the 2026 Native American $1 coin and the Iran Hostages Congressional Gold Medal. Before that, the CCAC’s meeting on May 20th, 2024, reviewed the designs submitted for the Joe Biden Jr. Presidential Medal. During this May meeting, they recommended to the Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen which designs they preferred for the obverse and reverse of the medal. They also gave suggestions on the inscriptions on that medal.  

Members of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee 

There are eleven members of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. The Secretary of the Treasury appoints CCAC members for four-year terms. They are selected based on criteria outlined in the legislation that formed the CCAC. Three members are chosen to represent the general public’s interests, one for their expertise in sculpture or medallic arts, one for their expertise in American history, and one for their expertise in numismatics. The other four members are selected based on recommendations from each of the following people: Speaker of the House, minority leader of the House, majority leader of the Senate, and minority leader of the Senate.  

According to the CCAC website, the current members are: 

Name Term Qualification 
Jeanne Stevens-Sollman 2024-2028 Sculpture or Medallic Arts 
Sam Gelberd 2024-2028 Numismatics 
Kellen Hoard 2023-2027 Represents General Public 
John Saunders 2022-2026 House Minority Leader Recommendation 
Dr. Harcourt Fuller 2021-2025 Recommended by the Speaker of the House 
Arthur Bernstein 2021-2025 Represents General Public 
Dr. Peter Van Alfen 2020-2024 Numismatic Curator 
Donald Scarinci 2020-2024 Recommended by Senate Minority Leader 
Mike Moran 2020-2024 Recommended by Senate Majority Leader 
Annelisa Purdie 2024-2028 Represents General Public 
Dr. Christopher Capozzola 2023-2027 American History 
Members of the CCAC as of July 1st, 2024

 Serving on the CCAC is considered an honor, and members are not paid for their service. However, they are reimbursed for their travel and lodging if any is necessary. Past members of the committee include NBA player Kareem Abdul Jabbar, German numismatist Ute Wartenberg, and Susan Kare, a former graphic designer for Apple.  

How the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee Affects Collectors and Investors 

The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee doesn’t directly affect collectors and investors, but their advisory role can influence designs and themes of commemorative coinage. This role affects collectors and investors by altering the Secretary of Treasury’s decisions on the type of coins or medals the U.S. Mint produces, ultimately affecting the kind that might end up in a collection or portfolio. These decisions could affect a person’s decision to buy or not buy a commemorative coin but won’t affect their overall investment or collection strategy.  

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