Native American Coins History

The History and Significance of Native American Coins

Coins display important and symbolic imagery designed to be representative of a people, ideal or both. This is especially true in regard to coins produced by the Native American Mint.

“Coinage is a very important signpost demonstrating Native American sovereignty and pride. The Native American Mint offers research, design, and minting expertise to help tribes in this field.” (Native American Mint) The Native American Mint is a source to help keep the traditions and imagery of Native Americans alive.

The recognition of their sovereign status and contribution to history is an important one that is preserved through bullion coins. Located in Torrance, California, the Native American Mint works to help Native American tribes both domestically and abroad.

About Native American Coins

These coins are unique in their own right because they are not minted by a sovereign mint, even though their scope is aimed at sovereign people and tribes. Collectors and investors can be proud to own Native American Mint Silver coins because there is important history and preservation with every coin purchased. There are other interesting and important facts about Native American coins.

  • Royalties
    Royalties on purchases from the Native American Mint go toward supporting native tribes around the world.
  • Sovereign Coins
    Some products are legally sanctioned and authorized by sovereign nations. This makes them sovereign coins within the tribe, though they are not recognized as legal tender by the United States.
  • Native Imagery
    Many of the designs on the coins focus on important imagery, artifacts and ways of life for the tribes. These designs help keep the conversation alive and allow the public to remember and honor the tribes.

There has been a long history of Native American designs and images featured on coins. As part of special authorization from tribes around the world, the Native American Mint strikes important imagery and designs on all their coins.

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