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The Native American Mint: Native American Coins 

The Native American Mint is a reputable organization that produces coins celebrating Native American culture and heritage. Established to honor the rich history and traditions of Indigenous peoples, the mint creates high-quality collectible coins featuring iconic symbols, tribal leaders, and significant events from Native American history. These coins often serve as valuable additions to numismatic collections and as meaningful gifts for those interested in Native American culture. 

Recognizing their sovereign status and contribution to history is important and preserved through bullion coins. Located in Torrance, California, the Native American Mint works to help Native American tribes. 

“Coinage is a very important signpost demonstrating Native American sovereignty and pride. The Native American Mint offers research, design, and minting expertise to help tribes in this field.” (Native American Mint) The Native American Mint is a source to help keep the traditions and imagery of Native Americans alive. 


Federally recognized Indian Sovereign Nations lawfully authorize the Native American Mint issues. APMEX is one of only a handful of dealers authorized to sell items minted in the Native American Mint in the U.S. 


For over 400 years, Native American designs and imagery have adorned coins and currency in North America. Today, tribes opt to narrate their unique tribal histories through the issuance of coins as sovereign nations. These coins, authorized by tribal authorities, feature denominations in a variety of precious metals. They feature the beauty of nature, tribal scenes, national parks, and more.

Popular Native America Mint Coins 

Silver Treasures of the U.S. 

The limited mintage Silver Treasures of the U.S. series feature all 50 U.S. states. Each coin features something the state is known for; for example, the Utah coin features topaz, Rhode Island oyster shells, and South Dakota Mammoth bone. Some versions are colorized. Many have sold out. The first release, Alabama, was released in 2020. The last state, Wyoming, completes the series. 

National Parks: Native America the Beautiful 

These one ounce .999 fine coins celebrate U.S. National Parts such as Everglades, Glacier, Mt. Hood, Arches, and Great Sand Dunes National Parks. These have a limited mintage making them highly collectible. Colorized versions are also available. These make great gifts as they come with a box and Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

Oglala Lakota Sioux Nation Silver Coins 

This Native American Nation is prolific at designing and authorizing coins. One of the most popular is the 2023 1 oz Silver $1 Sioux Indian Chief Canoe BU. It features two chiefs paddling a canoe. The coin showcases a 19th-century Indian war shield adorned with two buffaloes engaged in combat, alongside a tepee and a banner bearing the tribe’s name. Additionally, it includes eight tepees that symbolize the districts of the Oglala Sioux reservation. 

How Minted Coins Benefit Native Tribes 


Royalties earned from purchases at the Native American Mint contribute to supporting indigenous tribes.  

Sovereign Coins  

Certain products are officially endorsed and authorized by sovereign nations, classifying them as sovereign coins within the tribe. However, they do not hold legal tender status recognized by the United States.  

Native Imagery 

The coin designs feature significant imagery, artifacts, and cultural practices of the tribes. These designs perpetuate dialogue and enable the public to commemorate and respect the tribes’ heritage. 

Throughout history, Native American designs and images have frequently graced coins. With special authorization from tribes nationwide, the Native American Mint meticulously engraves significant imagery and designs on all their coins. 

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