How Household Items Can Ruin Your Precious Metals

Household items will not work when it comes to storing your Precious Metals for many reasons, especially quality deterioration. Plastic bags or shoeboxes are common household items sometimes used to store Precious Metal bullion. These options are not viable for long-term storage solutions. The risk of coins and bullion being stored in household items includes:

  • Chemical wear
    Chemical wear is common especially when it comes to plastics. Some plastics contain BPA or PVC, two chemicals that can cause deterioration to your coin.
  • Exposure to the elements
    Leaving coins out in the open air or not properly sealed will lead to oxidation damage. It also leaves them open to dust exposure and humidity. These elements can damage the exterior of the bullion. In some cases, the damage is irreversible. The damage to the coin or bullion also causes a devaluation of the product. Even fingerprints can cause damage to your coin.
  • Not conducive for handling
    Good coin storage allows for the proper handling of your product. Improper handling of coins and bullion can cause discoloration or other blemishes, devaluing your Precious Metals collection. Coin storage solutions within household items often do not protect the metals from the risks of handling.

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