Since opening our doors in 2000, APMEX has continued to grow and remains one of the largest online Precious Metals retailers in the industry. As we grow, stay up to date on our latest news and updates to participate in our local coin community. 

The idea of a National Coin Week was created in 1923 when coin dealer and ANA Board of Governors member Julius Guttag put forth the idea of a week-long celebration to “attract the general public to our hobby and consequently increase our membership and aid in our science.”
March is Women’s History Month, which commemorates the study, observance, and celebration of women’s vital role in history. From famous First Ladies to the iconic Britannia, APMEX carries a wide selection of products featuring depictions of influential women in history.
APMEX is donating $500,000 to the Regional Food Bank for this match. The company’s commitment will help provide millions of additional meals to hungry Oklahomans.

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20 Years of Teamwork – APMEX 20th Anniversary

The APMEX team includes many members who have been with the company for five to 10, even 15 to 20 years.

Best Places to Work 2020

As APMEX embarks on its 20-year mark, the Precious Metals leader has been recognized by the Journal Record and Best Places to Work Organization as

APMEX Helps RFBO Match $1 Million in Donations

During these challenging times, APMEX employees have gone above and beyond to help serve our customers. Due to their hard work and commitment, APMEX has

APMEX Provides More Than 218,000 Meals for RFBO

Through participation in the nonprofit’s annual Feeding Hope and Letter Carriers’ Food and Fund Drive, APMEX raised enough food and funds to provide 218,120 meals

RFBO’s Chefs’ Feast Event Raises More Than $170K for Children

The 32nd annual Chef's Feast program raised $170,000 for kids that are in need this year.

APMEX Raises $2.49M for RFBO’s 2018 Holiday Match Campaign

The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma hosted a donation match campaign with partnership from APMEX.

RFBO and APMEX Recognize Fundraising Efforts of Local Schools

APMEX is proud to have sponsored the Students Against Hunger Food Drive, a competition put on by the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma each year.

APMEX and RFBO Provided 4.8 Million Meals During the Holidays

The holiday match campaign offers a great opportunity for Oklahomans to fight hunger across the city and across the state.

APMEX Provides More Than 136,000 Meals to Feed Oklahomans

APMEX has once again teamed up with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma to fight hunger in the state. Through participation in the nonprofit’s annual

APMEX Provides Six Million Meals to RFBO this Holiday Season

Once again, APMEX joins the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma for the holiday match campaign, Hunger Never Takes a Holiday, starting November 15th, 2017 to

APMEX Teams Up to Support Hurricane Relief Efforts

APMEX is pleased to be apart of hurricane relief efforts by providing a 2017 Silver 1 ounce round, available now online. Not only does this

A Note from the 2016 Great London Getaway Trip Winner

2016 was a great year for the London Getaway trip winner. With magnificent views and weather, the couple were able to enjoy the sights and

APMEX Provides More Than 504,000 Meals for RFBO provided over 504,000 meals in partnership with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. In an effort to fight hunger, APMEX holds a variety of

APMEX Raises $4.2M+ during RFBO’s 2017 Holiday Match Campaign

APMEX partnered with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma for their 2017 Holiday Match Campaign from November 15th through January 15th. These donations will help

APMEX Appoints Mark Yoshimura as Chief Operating Officer

The APMEX executive addition will add value to the company with his vast work experience and knowledge.

APMEX Joins RFBO in Providing Six Million Meals this Holiday, a leading online Precious Metals retailer based in Oklahoma City, is once again teaming with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma in the fight

APMEX Provides RFBO with More Than 158,000 Meals

According to the Food Bank, Oklahoma is one of the hungriest states in the nation. One in six Oklahomans struggle with hunger.

APMEX Provides 500,000 Meals With Gift to RFBO

Like the Food Bank, Thomas' desire is to address underlying problems and find sustainable solutions.
Portrait of a Kenneth Lewis, Chief Executive Officer of APMEX, smiling.

APMEX Appoints Kenneth Lewis As Chief Executive Office

As COO, Mr. Lewis was responsible for managing APMEX's Information Technology, Merchandising, Purchasing, Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing functions.
As APMEX embarks on its 20-year mark, the Precious Metals leader has been recognized by the Journal Record and Best Places to Work Organization as

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