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How To Use Coin Tubes

coin tubes

Coin Tubes 101

Coin tubes are a popular tool used by collectors and investors alike. They offer protection, foster value retention and help keep coin collections in order. Need help figuring out how to pick a good coin tube and put it to use?

Read on to learn how to use coin tubes, the benefits of a good coin tube and where to buy them.

Common Coin Tube Uses

Coin tubes aid in counting, sorting, storing and rolling coins of different shapes and sizes. Authentic mint tubes can help one to identify components of a collection quickly and without having to disturb the inner contents. Tubes are used to protect Gold and Silver coins from unnecessary exposure to open air.

How to Use Coin Tubes

Coin tubes are helpful tools to have around. However, you may wonder how exactly to use them to secure your collection.

The first thing that you must do is to sort your collection properly. Next, put like coins into appropriately sized tubes. An excessively large coin tube will allow too much room to move, causing unnecessary damage to your collection. Finally, seal the tube with care and place it in a safe place.

Numismatic Tip: When you must remove your collection from the protective tube, use gloves to avoid damage.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of using coin tubes and the available types:

Coin Safety & Value

Coin tubes keep coin collections defended from contaminants. Without proper protection, coin collections can suffer irreversible damage. This can diminish coin appearance and resale value significantly. Consequently, the minimal cost to properly protect your coins today can pay off down the road.

Numismatic Tip: Coin tubes may not be the best choice for very rare numismatic items. Use coin tubes for bulk collections of similar coins.

Coin Tube Types

Not all coin tubes are equal in value and construction. The composition of a coin tube is an important consideration, as the material will likely come into direct contact with your coins for years to come. offers a variety of coin tubes vetted by our numismatic team.

Coin tubes are typically offered in a traditional rounded shape and a squared-off version. Coin enthusiasts may choose the square variety if they prefer to store the coins in a stacked fashion. However, both styles are excellent choices.

Coin Tube Sizes

Common coin tubes hold between 20 to 25 coins and range in size from around 17 to 39 millimeters in diameter. The diverse selection available makes storing coins from around the world easy and customizable. Plus, tubes can fit modern and antique collections.

Where to Buy Coin Tubes

Today, coin tubes are widely available for purchase online and in local coin stores. However, one should consider the coin tube’s quality, the size of the items to be stored and the environment in which the coins will be housed before making a purchase. offers a variety of coin storage solutions for unique needs. Plus, all of the coin tubes that we sell are hand-picked according to quality and efficacy.

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