The history of coins and currency dates back over 5,000 years to the first known use exchanged currency for bartered good and services. As you are building your collection, learn the stories of some of the most famous coins in the world. 

Learn more about the history and tensions in America that resulted in the creation of the Lesher Referendum Dollars.
Learn about the fascinating history of the Alaska Rural Rehabilitation Corporation 1935 tokens.
Even at the outbreak of the Civil War, coinage was scarce and precious metal coinage – Gold and Silver – were extremely scarce and very much in demand. As the war debts to European nations began to mount, those nations wanted to be paid in bullion so that converting that money into any other currency would be easy and quick.

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There is a misconception that Krugerrands are illegal even though they have been legal to import since 1991. Learn more about the political history of these iconic coins to find out why.
Since her coronation at age 25, Queen Elizabeth II appeared on coins of all denominations, from one-penny pieces to two-pound coins. Her image on every coin faces right, which is part of a tradition that has lasted for over 300 years with each King or Queen facing in the opposite direction as their predecessor.
Throughout the years, individuals for one reason or another seek to build coin collections. Many are driven by the joy of the treasure hunt, while others enjoy learning about the history of a coin.
The Royal Canadian Mint has a long history of producing high quality products that are highly sought after by people all over the world. Thy have a long history of providing currency and bullion for over 150 years. You can buy the Royal Canadian Mint bullion products from APMEX at competitive prices.
The Chinese Panda, or Silver Panda, can be a profitable choice for numismatics and investors looking for a return over just Silver and Gold prices.
Learn about the history of Silver prices in the United States with this in-depth guide. Silver has always been valuable and used as currency in some way.
Learn About The Variables that Impact Palladium Prices. Supply and demand are especially important to consider when looking at investing in Palladium products.
Black History Month is recognized annually to observe the histories, stories and voices of Black people. February shines a spotlight on contributions to our history made by Black artists, educators, leaders and more. From the U.S. Mint to the Royal Canadian Mint, trailblazers in the Black community can be found on many collectible coins and medals.
Struck continuously through the golden age of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire, the coin was one of the most commonly circulated in its time. In the late Roman Republic through the early days of the Roman Empire, the denarius was the daily wage for laborers and regular legionaries.
Rare Canadian coins are a unique specialty for collectors. Learn about some of the greatest rarities from this country.
Kennedy half dollars are a classic coin, but what are they actually worth? These coins were struck in massive numbers, but few people have ever seen them in circulation.
On the 3rd of September, 1857, the SS Central America was loaded with 30,000 pounds of Gold, in bars, nuggets, dust and newly minted coins from the San Francisco Mint. This precious cargo was very heavy but certainly not unusual for the Central America.
Life in the Southern States was also depicted as Sailing Ships, Trains, Confederate Soldiers and Slaves Hoeing Cotton were all subjects on Confederate currency. But the only woman depicted on any CSA currency is Lucy Pickens – the Queen of the Confederacy.  
Darius ruled Persia from 522 BC 70 486 BC. During that time, the Persian Empire was at the height of its power and at its largest geographical size. The Gold Persian coins that had been struck for two centuries and were spent from Egypt to Asia were called Darics, after King Darius I.
Why are Austrian Philharmonics popular to Austria and coin collectors? Since its introduction from the Austrian Mint, these coins have garnered much praise from Austria and coin collectors all over the world. See what makes the Austrian Philharmonic so popular with Austria and coin collectors.
The New Orleans Mint was the only mint in history where it flew under three flags and it remains an important historical landmark today.
National bank notes are an important part of history and remains that way today. Different from federal reserve notes, national bank notes can be found at APMEX. First issued in 1863 by what is commonly known as the first national banks in the United States
The Mexican Libertads are one of the most popular coins on the market. The design is widely considered one of the most illustrious and beautiful designs that has withstood the test of time.
Fueled by an enormous amount of capital, the Hunt brothers continued stockpiling Silver and purchasing Silver futures contracts. By early 1979, the price of Silver had risen to about $6 per ounce.
Gold coins have been minted for centuries, with some of the most beautiful and well-crafted examples dating back to ancient times. Here are some of the most famous and well-loved Gold coins from around the world.
In 2001, the Royal Canadian Mint became the first mint in the world to use laser technology in its manufacturing process. The molten pattern is recorded by a scanner and cataloged. That way, every coin can be traced back to the exact day it was struck and the die with which it was struck, making Canadian coin values an investor haven.

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