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The history of coins and currency dates back over 5,000 years to the first known use exchanged currency for bartered good and services. As you are building your collection, learn the stories of some of the most famous coins in the world. 

The American Eagle program has remained popular with both investors and collectors since the series began in 1986. What started with stunning Gold and Silver coins, has now expanded to Platinum and Palladium pieces to add both beauty and diversity to every portfolio or collection.
Produced from 1878-1904, and again in 1921, the Morgan Silver Dollar is one of the most iconic coins ever created by the United States Mint. Those bearing the CC mintmark – for the Carson City Mint – hold a special place in the hearts of many collectors all over the world. The Silver Dollar history is one of the most intriguing and interesting.
The United States Mint celebrates their 225th anniversary. Its history is unique, but steeped in the annals of time. Now with branches throughout the country, the U.S. Mint services the bullion needs for the U.S.

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Kennedy half dollars are a classic coin, but what are they actually worth?
The Royal Canadian Mint has a long history of producing high quality products that are highly sought after by people all over the world. Thy have a long history of providing currency and bullion for over 150 years. You can buy the Royal Canadian Mint bullion products from APMEX at competitive prices.
The Chinese Panda, or Silver Panda, can be a profitable choice for numismatics and investors looking for a return over just Silver and Gold prices.
Learn about the history of Silver prices in the United States with this in-depth guide. Silver has always been valuable and used as currency in some way.
Learn About The Variables that Impact Palladium Prices. Supply and demand are especially important to consider when looking at investing in Palladium products.
Black History Month is recognized annually to observe the histories, stories and voices of Black people. February shines a spotlight on contributions to our history made by Black artists, educators, leaders and more. From the U.S. Mint to the Royal Canadian Mint, trailblazers in the Black community can be found on many collectible coins and medals.
Many people have heard of the denarius. But what is this famous Silver coin?
Rare Canadian coins are a unique specialty for collectors. Learn about some of the greatest rarities from this country.
Why are Austrian Philharmonics popular to Austria and coin collectors? Since its introduction from the Austrian Mint, these coins have garnered much praise from Austria and coin collectors all over the world. See what makes the Austrian Philharmonic so popular with Austria and coin collectors.
The New Orleans Mint was the only mint in history where it flew under three flags and it remains an important historical landmark today.
National bank notes are an important part of history and remains that way today. Different from federal reserve notes, national bank notes can be found at APMEX. First issued in 1863 by what is commonly known as the first national banks in the United States
The Mexican Libertads are one of the most popular coins on the market. The design is widely considered one of the most illustrious and beautiful designs that has withstood the test of time.
How the Hunt brothers manipulated Silver, made billions and lost it all, Learn about Silver investing through APMEX
In 2001, the Royal Canadian Mint became the first mint in the world to use laser technology in its manufacturing process. The molten pattern is recorded by a scanner and cataloged. That way, every coin can be traced back to the exact day it was struck and the die with which it was struck, making Canadian coin values an investor haven.
APMEX has compiled a list of the finest Gold coins in the world from the most popular mints worldwide, known for producing high quality coins perfect for any collection or investment.
The history of the $10,000 Gold Certificate is wrought in infamy. It is an interesting and satisfying account for any collector of numismatics and history lovers. Give these certificates a closer look because there may be more value there than you know.
While the Gold Rush was a period of significant demand, modern technology has created a level of need for Gold that is higher than ever before.
Morgan Silver Dollars have perhaps one of the most rich historical contexts of any coin. America had a love affair with Silver Dollar, which prompted legislation to purchase 2 million ounces of Silver.
The demand for Silver today is higher than ever because it is a crucial component of mobile phones and widely manufactured electronics.
Define Gold standard, discover the Gold standard’s pros and cons in U.S. History. APMEX carries historical Gold coins and bullion at competitive prices. Whether you are looking for coins, rounds or bullion, there are several options from which to choose.
There was a rather large Silver Dollar hoard in history that not many people talk about. It consisted of over 200,000 bags that contained 1000 coins each.
Also known as junk Silver, 40% Silver is highly sought after by Silver investors and metal stackers. Learn about the value of buying junk Silver and adding 40% Silver to your Silver metal portfolio.
Also known as junk Silver, 90% Silver is highly sought after by Silver investors and metal stackers. Learn about the value of buying junk Silver and adding 90% Silver to your Silver metal portfolio.
The history of large size U.S. currency is an important one that can be traced all the way back to the beginning of the nation’s birth. Large size currency was important to own because it was the only way of commerce for such a long period of history.
Checking daily Silver prices only gives limited context. This is the historical Silver prices, with the value of Silver over time analyzed. Gold spot price history also discussed in this Silver price history article.
Small size currency is an important and beneficial numismatic item because it has historical roots. This rare currency can be bought at competitive prices through APMEX, which allows you to grow the value of your collection.
Learn how ancient coins shaped the world’s payment system, from ancient Gold coins and ancient Roman coins to ancient Greek coins. Buy your own Gold today!

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