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Collecting coins is one of the world’s oldest hobbies and experiences that continues in popularity today. Learn more about the best ways to start, organize or sell your collections today.

Roman coins make both great conversation pieces and investments for the future.
No matter the theme of your specific world coin collection, the best advice that we can give you is to collect what YOU like!

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So you would like to start a US coin collection but don’t know where to begin. We can provide some pointers that might help you. Let’s give you some issues to think about so that we can point you in the right direction.
These may not be the Top Ten Rarest coins, but they are unquestionably the most valuable. The list of the Top Ten Rarest coins would include some of these coins, but rarity is not the sole, nor final arbiter of value.
Animals have been depicted on currency since money was first invented, and continue to appear in the artwork of highly collectible coins to this day.
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The America the Beautiful program is a unique Silver bullion program created by the United States Mint. The ATB program will roll out all designs by 2021, but there are questions as to how the designs on this popular program are selected. The process ensures the best ATB coin designs.
Collectible Chibi Coins
Captain’s Log: Stardate 1312.4. The Precious Metals leader known as APMEX has accumulated Star Trek coins from around the known universe.
APMEX has collectibles from the wizarding world for wizards and muggles alike.
APMEX partnered with Lionsgate, the company behind the John Wick saga, to introduce a line of Gold and Silver rounds that replicate the Gold coins used in John Wick’s world. Available in 1 oz Proof Gold, 1 oz Proof Silver, 1 oz BU Gold and 1 oz BU Silver, these limited-mintage rounds are ideal for both investors and John Wick fanatics.
Coin collecting can be fun and rewarding, but people often overlook an aspect of collecting numismatics – currency. Currency has a rich history with varied stories that will amaze you. There is a wide variety of currency available that go back to the start of the nation.
As a beginning collector, there are several coins that are available to collect. It can be overwhelming, but if you have a good strategy or know what kind of coins you want to collect, it will be an easier transition for you.
Mint errors happen on occasion. Some mint error coins make it into circulation while others do not, but it is still an important piece of numismatic history. Each error coin may have value depending on the type of error or how many coins were affected. Error coin values can be higher than you think.
Perhaps you are newly interested in numismatic coins and believe a collection featuring coins from around the world would be exciting, or perhaps you have been successfully collecting coins from the United States Mint and think it’s time to branch out into world mints. Whatever your situation, if you want to create a global coin collection and showcase world coins, APMEX is here to help!
Birds are a symbol of wisdom and freedom, famously represented by the eagle on U.S. coin, and also on many other coins from around the world.
There are several collectible coins available today. It may be hard to decipher which coin one should buy, but these are five coins that are unique and popular among coin collectors and investors today. These coins are made unique by factors like history to its limited mintage.
In 2014, the New Zealand Mint released coins celebrating one of the most beloved topics of all time: Disney characters. From the iconic Mickey Mouse to Cinderella, the mint has produced Silver coins honoring a variety of popular Disney characters, all beautifully minted in high-quality Silver.
The 1909-S VDB Lincoln Penny is an important penny for history lovers. 1909 marked the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, but that is not why this penny will remain in the annals of history forever.
Proof coins, known for their polished appearance, with frosted devices and mirrored fields, are manufactured specifically for collectors. These coins are produced in relatively low quantities and are considered more beautiful and more valuable than their standard counterparts.
ATB means or stands for “America the Beautiful” which are a Quarter Dollar series that captures the beauty and elegance of each of the fifty states, five territories, and Washington D.C. Each coin highlights a beautiful national park or national site that truly defines ATB.
Many people enjoy collecting coins. If you’re new to the hobby, where do you start?

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