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Learn the benefits and basic steps to investing in Precious Metals with our Investing Guides for beginners, including How-To guides for investing in Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. 

Silver Eagles broke records over the past couple of years for their high premiums. Savvy investors are seeking alternatives, and one of those is the Krugerrand.
Determining if your quarter is silver is simple. Though often called junk silver coins, these quarters remain valuable to investors and collectors.
If you are interested in finding another silver investment alternative to Silver Eagles silver bars are something to look into. Check out why we think so.

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According to the World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC), it is forecasted that the platinum market will experience a deficit in 2023.
Learn more about which dimes are silver and how that impacts different dimes’ values.
You may be looking for another silver coin option to invest in while Silver Eagle prices are up. Consider investing in Silver Britannias!
Consider investing in other silver bullion coins, like the Silver Buffalo, when Silver Eagle premiums are sky high.
Gold Eagles and Gold Buffalos are iconic American coins, so which will be better in 2023?
Silver Eagles have had higher costs and premiums in 2022, so learn more about another great silver bullion coin to invest in: the Silver Maple.
Error coins are appealing to certain collectors and they come in a wide variety of errors. Learn more about the basic errors that these collectors seek out.
Determining a product’s metal purity and fineness is important to understand its value. Read more about the assaying process.
Investors often choose Silver coins from sovereign mints due to their government backing and guaranteed Silver content. Use this list to improve your Silver buying experience.
Fractional Gold is a good investment if you are looking to diversify your portfolio or hedge against inflation.
The Gold to Silver ratio is the price of Silver it takes to purchase one ounce of Gold. However, behind that simple definition is a complicated theory.
Whether you have an interest in Gold, Silver or other Precious Metals, there are valuable resources available to help you make an informed investment decision.
For anyone trying to become more familiar with Gold investing, here are the best ways to get started, from bullion bars to Gold futures.
This is the perfect time to take stock of your current Gold investment coins and bars and to plan your upcoming Gold investment acquisitions. APMEX is here to help answer all of your online investing questions for Gold and other Precious Metals.
We hear about Silver Stackers today, but do we know who they really are, or what they do? It is a common question among those who coin collecting, but it is not all that clear. Silver Stackers play an important role in numismatics and coin collecting. Find out more about Silver Stackers here.
Precious Metals IRAs are becoming more popular. What is a Gold IRA? How does it work?
Some financial influencers are fans of Silver IRAs. Find out what they are, how they work and how they differ from other types of IRAs.
APMEX’s AutoInvest program allows you to set up recurring purchases of your favorite Precious Metals products. This convenient option allows you to buy incrementally over time, which lets you build your holdings while averaging the cost of your investments as the spot price changes.
First released in 1986, the American Silver Eagle is the United States’ official Silver bullion coin. Silver Eagles are also IRA-eligible, as they meet the fineness requirements as defined by the IRS. In addition to the bullion version, the United States Mint has produced Proof versions and uncirculated versions for collectors.
Questions about where to invest your money? APMEX is here to answer all of your investing questions such as the difference and similarities between tangible Gold and Silver versus the stock market.
Understand the value of graded coins from the popular grading services, NGC and PCGS. Whether you are buying Precious Metals to collect or simply add to your investments, APMEX is here to offer all of the information you need to know and understand about the graded coin you are buying.

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Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium all come in various forms and sizes to create a variety of options for investors and collectors.  

What is an Eagle?

Since the U.S. Mint’s American Eagle program began in 1986, Gold and Silver Eagles have remained a popular choice among both investors and collectors