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If you’ve decided to invest in Gold and Silver, you may wonder what coins are the best to purchase to build up your investments. With our Investing Guides for Beginners, you can learn about the top coins to purchase, Gold and Silver IRAs and more. 

Investors often choose Silver coins from sovereign mints due to their government backing and guaranteed Silver content. Use this list to improve your Silver buying experience.
Fractional Gold is a good investment if you are looking to diversify your portfolio or hedge against inflation.
Whether you have an interest in Gold, Silver or other Precious Metals, there are valuable resources available to help you make an informed investment decision.

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Buy Platinum from APMEX where the price points of Platinum are low. At APMEX, there is a wide variety of Platinum coins and Platinum bullion to choose from.
Investing in Precious Metals is a good hedge against inflation, but Silver offers things Gold, Platinum, and Palladium do not: flexibility, price and increasing practical usage.
The PCGS and NGC are the top two coin grading entities in the world. Together they have graded million of coins from rare coins to modern bullion coins. Investing in a PCGS or NGC coin offers you a coin that is guaranteed and valued by numismatists throughout the world.
Below is a current list of the best Palladium coins for investment. This is not a definitive list, but based on recognizability, liquidity, “bang for your buck” and the potential return on investment. These are the Palladium investment pieces most attractive to investors.
This is the perfect time to take stock of your current Gold investment coins and bars and to plan your upcoming Gold investment acquisitions. APMEX is here to help answer all of your online investing questions for Gold and other Precious Metals.
We hear about Silver Stackers today, but do we know who they really are, or what they do? It is a common question among those who coin collecting, but it is not all that clear. Silver Stackers play an important role in numismatics and coin collecting. Find out more about Silver Stackers here.
Precious Metals IRAs are becoming more popular. What is a Gold IRA? How does it work?
Some financial influencers are fans of Silver IRAs. Find out what they are, how they work and how they differ from other types of IRAs.
APMEX’s AutoInvest program allows you to set up recurring purchases of your favorite Precious Metals products. This convenient option allows you to buy incrementally over time, which lets you build your holdings while averaging the cost of your investments as the spot price changes.
First released in 1986, the American Silver Eagle is the United States’ official Silver bullion coin. Silver Eagles are also IRA-eligible, as they meet the fineness requirements as defined by the IRS. In addition to the bullion version, the United States Mint has produced Proof versions and uncirculated versions for collectors.
Questions about where to invest your money? APMEX is here to answer all of your investing questions such as the difference and similarities between tangible Gold and Silver versus the stock market.
Understand the value of graded coins from the popular grading services, NGC and PCGS. Whether you are buying Precious Metals to collect or simply add to your investments, APMEX is here to offer all of the information you need to know and understand about the graded coin you are buying.
Want to make your Silver bar storage situation top-notch? This guide outlines how to store Silver bars safely and securely.
Gold has intrinsic value and many applications besides currency. Bitcoin is only used as currency, meaning it is entirely lacking intrinsic value.
Compared to traditional currency, both Gold and Silver rise above currency in terms of value. While Gold and Silver spot prices remain high, it offers an alternative to currency and offers financial protection.
Throughout history, currencies have collapsed. What currency will then be used in our failed economy? Most investors protect their wealth with Gold & Silver investing.
There are several mints from around the world that produce Precious Metals products. Some mints are distinguished by regulations while others are not. For collectors and investors, it is important to note the difference between sovereign mints and private mints.
To the untrained eye, some Precious Metals may be hard to identify. Intuitively, we have a general idea of what Precious Metals look like, but we may not have looked deeply enough to identify the nuances that make the metals what they are. Silver, Platinum, and Palladium all share a similar color, but being able to tell the differences between the three can help you understand whether you are buying genuine items or not.
Ever wonder how fine Silver is produced? APMEX is here to answer all of your Silver bullion questions about how, where, and why it is made.
Precious Metals investing comes with new verbiage, concepts, and terms that differ from investing in paper assets. Many of these terms are fairly easy to figure out, others need some help. Precious Metals are most commonly measured in troy ounces.
The Gold to Silver Ratio, like any other technical trading data we might examine to help us make investment decisions, is theoretical and therefore fallible. This discussion of it is presented for informational and educational purposes only. The Silver to Gold Ratio is a fascinating possibility for Precious Metals investors, but acting on it is best done only after you have researched further and consulted your financial advisors.

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Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium all come in various forms and sizes to create a variety of options for investors and collectors.  

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Since the U.S. Mint’s American Eagle program began in 1986, Gold and Silver Eagles have remained a popular choice among both investors and collectors