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Matron Head Modified Large Cents 1836 – 1839

Learn What Sets Matron Head Modified Large Cents Apart

Late in 1835, the Mint Director decided that the long-running Matron Head Large Cent needed some minor design changes. Designer of the Matron Head Large Cent, Robert Scot died in 1823. The Mint let his design run unchanged until then. Christian Gobrecht was the “Second (not Assistant) Engraver of the United States Mint” and as the Chief Engraver William Kneass had a stroke, Gobrecht was called upon to make any necessary changes.

(Christian Gobrecht, Second Engraver of the US Mint.)

Gobrecht had Miss Liberty shed some pounds and gave her a more youthful appearance than her predecessor. He engraved these coins for the years 1836 through 1839.

(The Modified Matron Head Large Cent of 1836-1839.)

The 1836 coin had no major varieties in the 2,111,000 minted. 1837 had 3 major varieties among its 5,558,300 coins minted. 1838 was an uneventful year with a whopping 6,370,200 coins struck. But in 1839 all kinds of modifications were done among the 3,128,661 coins struck. The 4 major varieties are 1839 Over 36 with Plain Cords, the 1839 – Head of 1838 with Beaded Cords, the Silly Head, and the Booby Head. These varieties are what drive collectors to collect the variety! 

DateTypeMintageFine ValueUnc Value
1836Modified Matron2,111,000$50$400
1837Modified Matron5,558,300$50$425
1838Modified Matron6,370,200$50$400
1839Modified Matron – 39/36 Plain Cords3,128,661$1,750$70,000
1839Modified Matron – 3 Other VarietiesIncluded$50$850

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