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Learn About the Elegance of the Gold American Eagle

The Gold American Eagle design is based on the famous Saint-Gaudens Lady Liberty design that appeared on the final Gold Double Eagle. Replacing the Liberty Gold coin in 1907, the Saint-Gaudens Gold coin was born out of President Theodore Roosevelt’s desire for U.S. Gold coins to be a work of art. The 1907 Gold Double Eagle coin is considered one of the most beautiful of American coins, and the present-day American Eagle receives the same sort of acclaim.

The Gold American Eagle is made chiefly for investors, although the U.S. Mint offers proof and burnished coins made with special processes to enhance their beauty for collectors. A Gold Eagle coin could refer to a variety of different Gold coins, including a modern Gold bullion coin and pre-1933 Gold coins. The Capped Bust Gold coin was the earliest Gold Eagle coin, starting in 1795, but it was produced in such low numbers that they are seen as purely high-end collector items.

Since their introduction in 2006, Burnished Gold Eagles have been in high demand for their unique beauty and lower mintages. Originating from the West Point Mint and bearing the “W” mintmark, these Gold coins are similar to their Brilliant Uncirculated counterparts but are struck on specially prepared planchets to provide a unique finish that appeals to collectors. The dies used in this process give the coins a matte-like appearance, enabling the coin’s details to be viewed with limited light glare. It enhances the design on the coin, displaying it in all its glory.

Burnished Gold coins are distinct in finish and popularity. Minted and struck at the West Point Mint, the burnished Gold Eagles are produced in very limited quantities, making them rare Gold coins. Mintages for the American Gold Eagle will vary by year. Gold supply and societal and political factors are a few factors that go into the amount of minted Gold rare coins each year. The rarity and popularity of the burnished Gold coin will add lasting value to any Precious Metals portfolio.

The value of a Gold Eagle coin involves more than the beauty of its design or the year of its minting. The Gold American Eagle is legal tender, though its actual Gold content is worth much more than the $50 face value.

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