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Innovative Technologies in Minting

Learn About Technology Different Mints Use

Coin production has been an important part of societies throughout the world for centuries. What was once archaic is now vibrant with innovative technologies that add a special element to coin minting. Manufacturing and production have seen dozens of changes from the beginning of time.

Applying these innovative features to coins helps with three areas:

  • Prevents counterfeiting
  • Allows for tracing the coin back to the source
  • Adds definition to the coins themselves

As technology changes, you could expect to see new technological standards added to the field of numismatics. New technologies do not change the quality or value of the coin; rather, the quality and value of the coins are enhanced. When technology grows, so does the ability to add more advanced features to coins and bullion.


Some mints have included unique features to complement technological advances to their numismatic programs. From Sunshine Minting to the Royal Canadian Mint, there are several unique coin features:

  • Sunshine Minting
    Sunshine Minting uses the MintMark SI™, featuring the Scrambled Indicia security feature, which is micro-engraving that is only visible by placing the MintMark SI™ decoding lens over the security pad. This acts as a security feature to help prevent counterfeiting and selling or buying under false pretenses. Determining its authenticity is important today when counterfeiting bullion is common.
  • Coin Invest Trust
    The Coin Invest Trust (CIT) benefits from smartminting technology, which allows a color application to high-relief coins. With this technology, the relief of the coin is higher and much more defined than in previous strikes. Other than increasing the relief height, it increases the sharpness and 3-D capabilities of the coin. The smartminting technology also allows the mint to experiment with the possibility of new diameters and weights.
  • Royal Canadian Mint
    Widely considered the most secure coins in the world, the Royal Canadian Mint’s DNA technology is an advanced engraving laser-marking technology. A security mark has a specific string of code and the mint stores those codes in a secure database. Buyers and dealers can verify the coin’s authenticity quickly.

The landscape of coin technologies will continue to grow to develop more secure coins and enhance the beauty the coins.

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