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Precious Metals Pricing

Price is a determining factor in all things we consider buying, including Gold and Silver. Learning the historical and current price trends of Precious Metals can help you to better understand the factors that influence the global market daily. 

Gold and Silver counterfeit products are damaging to the industry. Knowing your Silver and Gold dealer can go a long way in identifying Gold and Silver counterfeit products. At APMEX there is a team of seasoned numismatists with over 100 years of experience and they are excellent at spotting counterfeits.

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Learn about the best ways to buy Silver from APMEX. Whether you are buying Silver bullion online or over the phone, APMEX is here to help. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Metals rounds and Metals coins take the same shape, but does one have more value than the other? That question has been asked by numismatists for years, but there are some factors that must be considered. APMEX carries a wide variety of Gold and Silver rounds and Gold and Silver coins.
Learn about bid price vs ask price with APMEX. It is an important distinction to understand bid price vs ask price so you can make better purchasing decisions.
Learn how to buy Silver rounds, Silver coins, Gold coins and bars for sale at or near the spot price. Buying as close as you can at spot price will save you money and improve your Precious Metals investment.
Financial patterns suggest that the price of Precious Metals has an inverse relationship with the U.S. dollar.
How can you buy close to spot price and really stretch your investment dollar? Here are some ways for you to maximize your capital and get the most bang for your buck.
Among the many things that influence the price of Gold, Silver or Platinum are three well-documented forces: U.S. dollar values, central bank instability and a monetary policy known as quantitative easing.
Live Precious Metals price monitoring helps you determine your buying power. At APMEX, all prices are competitively priced with a true Gold price or true Silver price.
When you buy Precious Metals it requires a commitment. It is a commitment that requires a high level of purchasing power. Like most purchases, price is an important factor but its value, intrinsic or otherwise is crucial.
As a collector and investors, the term melt value is used, but there is often confusion as to what the melt value actually entails. Melt values and spot prices are often confused with one another, but with the right education, you can make a better decision on buying the right item.
Prices are an important part of the decision-making process. Whether you are buying bullion or bank notes, the prices will vary depending on a number of factors. When you determine the product you want to buy, examine the history, the year and the quantity of product and you will see varying prices.
It is important to know the spot Gold price per gram and Gold price per kilo so you can have the best purchasing power available. When you know what cost your investment will be, you will be able to make the best decision for your budget and time.
Understanding historical price chart movements is ideal when determining your next investment. Here, APMEX will show the historic Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium price spikes and lows within the markets.
One of the most important reasons people buy Gold is because it helps balance their portfolio. Gold’s value often increases with economic downturns, the devaluation of the dollar and geopolitical turmoil, making the price of Gold today often worth the investment.
Why buy Platinum? Because Platinum is rare and in high demand. It’s also under valued as compared to Gold. Common Platinum Coins are Platinum Eagle and Maples.
As more people begin looking into Gold, many may wonder why they should buy Gold. APMEX answers this questions and discusses how to buy Gold as well.
There are many places where you can purchase Silver bullion, but which are the best?
The Silver spot price is constantly changing. Learn about buying Silver at its spot price and what spot price versus premium means with APMEX!
When deciding between Gold or Platinum for your investment portfolio, there are many factors to take into consideration. APMEX helps break down those vital questions you should ask yourself before purchasing.
How much do gold bars weigh? Is there a set size?
Buying Silver can be a daunting task because of how many options there are. Learn how and where to buy Silver, as well as what to buy, with APMEX today!
A Gold bar is a recognizable symbol of wealth. But how much is it worth, and how much can it be sold for?
Learn how to buy Gold that is for sale and how to make the right Gold investment for your financial needs. Adding Gold to your portfolio or collection can hedge against inflation.
Dollar coins are commonly collected and sold. How much are they worth?
A Guide to Buying Silver Bars for Sale and the Best Practices. Check out this guide if you are interested in investing in Silver bars to learn best practices and best places to purchase them.
Many people own Gold coins, but how much are they really worth? The value depends on both the weight of the Precious Metal and the numismatic premium.
If you’ve seen Silver bars or have been thinking about purchasing them, you need to know more. What are they worth?
One of the most important reasons people buy Platinum is because it helps balance their portfolio. Some investors are comfortable buying what they know, such as Gold or Silver. However, investors looking for an edge know they need to look to under-tapped markets like Platinum.
When you look at the APMEX Silver price chart and you’re deciding on when to invest, consider all the many uses for Silver. Demand like this pushes the price of Silver up – a good thing to know as you consider investing in the price of Silver per ounce.
Read our guide on how to Predict Gold and Silver Futures Prices Today online at This article will explain what Gold and Silver futures are and how people try to predict them.

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