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How Much is a Silver Bar Worth?

Learn How Much a Silver Bar is Worth


A single Silver bar
Silver bars have been an investor-favorite for many years. You may have come across some, maybe going through an older relative’s estate. Or you might be interested in purchasing some yourself.

But how much is a bar of Silver worth?

Silver Bar Sizes

There is no one standard size for Silver bars, but there are a few standard versions you may run into.

The large Silver bars you might have seen on TV or in movies are the first thing you’re likely to think of when it comes to Silver bars, but these are not necessarily common. Most of those larger bars are only used in commodity exchanges.

COMEX and London Good Delivery bars are around 1000 troy ounces and .999 fine Silver. They must be produced by individual companies and facilities and stamped with marks from the same places. These bars are traded on the large commerce exchanges, including the London Metal Exchange and the CME group COMEX.

1 kilo Silver bars are also commonly bought and sold, though they are not as common with retail investors as smaller sizes. These have lower premiums than small bars but are still large enough that they are not as liquid. 100 ounce Silver bars are also a large size that has similar pros and cons.

Smaller bars are more common with retail investors, including 1 ounce, 5 ounce and 10 ounce sizes. These are the size you’re most likely to run into when you’re buying or selling. Small bars do not often conform to the sloped-side ingot style seen on larger bars. They tend to be flat.

Small bars are often stored in a card containing their assay’s details and where they were created. This is used to certify the value and the assay and guarantee the buyer of any such bars that they are of good quality and not counterfeit. Some common brands are PAMP Suisse, Valcambi and The Perth Mint.

Finding the Worth of a Silver Bar

Silver bars are worth the amount of Silver they contain — no more, no less. You won’t be able to buy a Silver bar for spot price, though. Every bar will have a “premium” — an amount over and above the spot price that allows refiner and dealer to make a profit. That premium will vary based on supply and demand.

If you want to find the worth of a Silver bar, look at the number of troy ounces of Silver you have and multiply it by the current Silver spot price. That should get you close to the number you’ll get in return, though it will be slightly off based on the previously mentioned variables.

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