Where to Buy Gold?

A selection of Gold APMEX bullion products

Gold has been a stable investment for generations, and though its returns may not always match the quicker, higher returns of other asset classes, it has been consistent. Even firms as decidedly against Gold as Berkshire Hathaway have bought in when times are tough, although not all go for physical metals. Where is the best place to buy Gold?

The Places to Buy Gold

Most of the time in the U.S. when people talk about buying Gold, they refer to coins or bars. In some areas of the world, particularly India and Southeast Asia, Gold in a very pure form is often made into jewelry as a wearable investment rather than coins or bars that go in a safe. Jewelry in the West may also be used for this purpose, but Gold for investment is much more likely to come in a monetary form.

Jewelry stores carry Gold jewelry, but a few may also carry coins or bars as well. It’s not the primary business for jewelry stores, though. They may carry them on the side as a supplement to their regular business.

Coin and stamp stores usually deal in coins and stamps as their primary business source, particularly rare ones. But enterprising store owners have branched out into other areas as well. Collectibles are a small enough field that there can be some crossover, and it’s not uncommon for some store owners to do a little bullion business. Pawnshops do business in Gold, but their inventory tends to vary, and prices can be higher.

Some of the most popular options are the Internet and phone order companies. APMEX takes both Internet and telephone orders.

Caveat Emptor

When an asset goes up, speculators pile in looking to make a profit — and some aren’t picky about how they do it. Be careful of any language that makes it sound like Gold is some free money train. It isn’t. Gold has historically been one of the most well-respected hedge assets, but in the froth of heady trading, even well-respected authorities can start thinking the sky is the limit.

Gold has been the asset of choice for safeguarding against economic shocks for many generations. Buy with prudence. Don’t trust the hard sell of someone telling you, “this coin will go up X percent” or “Gold is guaranteed to double in a year.” Find someone who tells you the truth.

Wherever you buy Gold, make sure it’s reputable. Choose someone who’s been in business a while, someone well respected. APMEX is one of the biggest Gold retailers in the nation and has been serving people’s precious metals needs for 20 years.