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Maybe you’ve found an old coin or discovered a new love of coin collecting – whatever the case, APMEX is here to help you learn about the exciting world of numismatic coins. 

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What is My Old Coin Worth?

The value of your coin is influenced by many factors, such as age and condition. Changes in Precious Metal content over the years also affect coin values.

Coin Grading: Grade Can Help Determine Coin Value

The value of a coin depends on three factors: the date and mintmark of the coin, the mintage/population of the coin and its condition or finish. A seemingly small or insignificant flaw can go a long way in affecting a coin’s value.

U.S. Coin Sizes

United States currency has shifted in design and composition over the years due to several surprising factors.

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Morgan Silver Dollars

Morgan Silver Dollars were minted from 1878 to 1921 and have remained popular among collectors long after their run in circulation ended.

Franklin Half Dollars

Half Dollars were one of the foundational coins of U.S. currency until it fell out of favor in the late 20th century. 

Washington Quarters

The Washington Quarter was minted to replace the Standing Liberty Quarter in 1932 and has continued to today with few interruptions.  

Roosevelt Dimes

The Roosevelt Dime has been struck with few interruptions from the beginning of U.S. coinage in 1792 to the present day. 

Jefferson Nickels

The Jefferson Nickel replaced the iconic Buffalo Nickel in 1938 and has been used, both the Jefferson and Modern Jefferson, in some way for U.S. coinage ever since.  

Lincoln Pennies

The Lincoln Penny was minted for the first time in 1909 and the obverse of the coin remains in use on the penny today. 

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