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Dollar coins are commonly collected, particularly the Morgan and Peace Dollars. Morgan and Peace dollars are popular with collectors due to their low expense and classic designs. Well-worn Silver dollars are also saved as junk Silver for their Precious Metal content, though older series are worth a lot even in low condition.

On September 6, 1901, President William McKinley was visiting the Pan-American Exposition, being held in Buffalo, New York. Like his Vice President, Teddy Roosevelt, McKinley fancied himself as a “man of the people.” He didn’t want bodyguards to interfere with meeting the voters of America and visited the Exposition with aides rather than security.
In 1775, the British had the “greatest army and navy on the face of the Earth.” No thinking person would have believed that the American colonies, which had a ragtag army and no navy, would force the complete and total surrender of British forces at Yorktown just six years later. How did this happen?
The U. S. Prisoner of War Museum Silver Dollar was one of three similar coins that were authorized by the US Mint and struck and sold in 1994. The other two were the 1994 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Silver Dollar and the Women in Military Service Memorial Silver Dollar.

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Dolley Madison, the wife of James Madison, was crucial to the development of the United State’s early history. She worked tirelessly with charities of her day and set an example for all subsequent First Ladies. In 1999, the 150th anniversary of her death. Congress authorized a Silver Dollar to honor her legacy.
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The dollar coin used to be one of the foundational coins of U.S. currency. These were sanctioned originally in the Coinage Act of 1792 and first minted in 1794.
Though they were forced out of circulation a couple of times over the course of their run and are no longer commonly used, Silver dollar coins have proved enduringly popular with collectors even after their run in circulation ended. The Morgan Silver dollar ran from 1878 to 1921 and was tied up in the bimetallic monetary controversies of the day.
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