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Who Are Silver Stackers?

Why Do People Become Silver Stackers?

Some stack because it is a store of wealth while others use it as a system to stockpile all their Silver. Some stackers like the notoriety of collecting Silver in larger quantities. Some others stack Silver as a hedge against an economic downturn. The motivations differ, but there are reasons that make it relatively simple to become a Silver Stacker.

  • Price
    With current Silver prices, it makes it easier for Silver buyers to invest. Even larger sizes, like 5 oz Silver bars, are affordable compared to Gold or Platinum prices.
  • Availability and variety
    Silver stackers can stack with any number of Silver bullion products. Bars, coins, rounds and sometimes even Silver jewelry are available for stacking.
  • Ease
    Purchasing Silver online from reputable dealers like APMEX is easy. We have an immense inventory and an impeccable reputation.

Stack Silver with APMEX

A stack of Silver coins

APMEX makes an ideal product for Silver Stackers. These IRA-approved Silver bars and rounds from APMEX feature innovative design elements making them easy to stack and securely store.

The Silver bars and rounds feature a raised, textured rim to allow for easy stacking and storing. The APMEXclusive® interlocking ridges were specifically designed to allow you to create a stack of as many Silver bars and rounds as you like.

The holidays are fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about gift-giving. This year, give your loved ones the gift that gives back. The 2022 Black Friday Gold and Silver Deals begin at 8:00 AM EST on Friday, November 26 and include metals at Spot.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Silver Stacking for Beginners

Know your budget and stick to it.
Purchase consistently.
Stick to recognized items from reputable dealers.

Sink all of your savings into Silver. Keep an emergency fund and diversify your investments.
Get Silver fever, leading you to purchase too much, too quickly and without proper planning.
Buy from unknown dealers.

Expand your collection today and shop our assortment of Silver rounds.

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