Britannias and Philharmonics

Learn About Philharmonics and Brittanias

Both Royal Britannias and Austrian Philharmonics are popular coins for investors. They are renowned for their beauty and quality. Investors should know what makes these coins highly coveted through their history and necessity. The Philharmonics and Britannias come in both Gold and Silver coins, offering options for all investors.

Both of these coins followed the success of the South African Krugerrand, providing more global options for coinage. The Krugerrand dominated the Gold coin market for years until other mints from around the world started to create high-quality, beautiful coins. The Royal Mint and the Austrian Mint both answered the call in their own unique ways.

First minted in 1987, the Gold Britannias were met with success. The beauty of the coin gave investors and collectors more options from which to choose. Britannia commonly refers to the female personification of the region that encompasses Great Britain and Ireland. The reverse of the Britannia coin is an homage to the times of the Roman Emperor Hadrian when early rare coins were minted with the female warrior, Boudica. This personification was popular in the days of Hadrian and the design held some form or variation on coinage for hundreds of years. The Royal Mint produced Silver and Gold coins with an updated image of Boudica with much success.

In order for the British Royal Mint to compete on a larger scale, they created the Britannia in fractional sizes to provide even more options for investors and collectors. Sizes are available in 1 oz Gold, 1/2 oz Gold, 1/4 oz Gold and 1/10 oz Gold. Following the success of the Gold coins, the Britannias were made available in Silver in 1997.

The obverse depicts Queen Elizabeth II, a key political figure in British history. The Royal Britannias are a historically relevant and important coin. Both sides of the coin represent an important part of the region’s history in a detailed and special way. People all over the world have an opportunity to own these coins and feel the history of the region in their hands. This, coupled with the beauty of the coin itself, makes it a great buy with great value.
An image with Philharmonic Coins
The Austrian Philharmonic is a special bullion coin in Austria and throughout the world. Available in Gold, Silver and Platinum varieties, these coins are popular with investors. The Austrian Philharmonic is one of the most renowned orchestras in the world, having played in venues all over the world. The Austrian Mint pays homage to this spectacular orchestra. The Austrian Mint introduced Gold Philharmonic coins in 1989. The obverse depicts the Great Organ in the Musikverein and the reverse depicts a group of instruments that include the cello, violin, harp, Vienna horn and bassoon. The Philharmonic does not have a political figure or key person on the obverse. While this is a rare occurrence, it helped increase the popularity of the Gold coin.

Philharmonics are popular in Austria for several reasons but that popularity extended to coin collectors and investors all over the world. Like the Britannias, these coins come in fractional sizes to give more affordable options to investors. They offer an unprecedented 1/25 oz Gold coin.

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