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What Are Fractional Coin Sizes?

Learn About the Sizes of Fractional Coins and Their Benefits

Fractional sizes refer to any size of a Precious Metal that is less than your standard 1 oz Precious Metal. Common denominations include 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz. There are some sizes that can go as low as 1/25 oz. These are available in Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium.

Previous thinking into Precious Metals investing was the standard 1 oz Precious Metals size was the best size for investing because you were able to maximize the value out of it. All fractional sizes hold value as well and they provide a nice complement to any collection or investment portfolio.

A common place for many investors to start is the fractional American Gold Eagle Coins. The one-tenth ounce Gold Eagle coin is a popular option that is recognized by investors and collectors around the world, yet has a more affordable entry point than its standard full-ounce version.

Benefits of Buying Fractional Gold Coins

  • Budget-friendly
    You get added flexibility with your budget and product options.
  • Adds diversity to your collection
    Fractional coins provide an extra layer of diversity to any collection that helps grow the value and notoriety of the portfolio.
  • Get rare Precious Metals at a lower price
    Along with Gold and Silver fractional sizes, Platinum and Palladium are also available in smaller sizes as well.

Several popular collections are available in fractional sizes, including the beautiful Canadian Maple Leafs and the striking gold and silver Mexican Libertads.

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