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What is an Australian Swan Coin?

Australian Swan coins

Released annually from The Perth Mint, Australian Swan coins are a popular choice among investors and collectors. These handsome coins are minted in silver and gold versions and are modern bullion favorites, attracting buyers from all over the world. The obverse of the coin displays a bust portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse displays an annually refreshed depiction of the stately swan. 

Australian Swan coins have remained a popular choice since their release in 2017, which can be attributed to their excellent purity and quality craftsmanship. Swans are produced in limited mintages and bear collectible design nuances, making each coin a coveted investment. 

Each year, the swan is depicted in a new way, with designs lauded for their stunning details. The annual design is produced in silver and gold, so buyers can enjoy each year’s reimagined swan portrayal on their favorite precious metal. 

How Much Are Australian Swan Coins Worth? 

Australian Swan coins are simultaneously bullion items, collectibles, and legal tender. Consequently, Swans display a monetary value on the obverse and boast an impression of the exemplary purity content on the reverse. These sovereign coins are backed by the Australian government for their face values. However, from a bullion perspective, the worth fluctuates with the market value of precious metals. 

Coins that have been slabbed and graded offer additional value retention. We offer MS-70 and PR-70 certified slabbed Australian Swan coins. 

Gold Australian Swan Coins 

Gold Australian Swan coins boast a .9999 fine gold content. Gold Swans are offered in a 1 oz size and are minted in various finishes, including brilliant uncirculated and proof. The face value of the 1 oz size gold Swan coin is AU$100. 

All swan releases are limited mintage items. However, 1 oz proof Gold Swans are especially desirable. 188 are produced yearly, a particularly low mintage. These pieces are minted in a stunning high-relief finish. 

Silver Australian Swan Coins 

Silver Australian Swan coins are minted in .9999 fine silver and come in two sizes: 1 oz and 5 oz. A variety of finishes are available as well, including brilliant uncirculated and proof. The face value of the 1 oz silver Swan coin is AU$1, and the 5 oz version is AU$8. 

Australian Swan coins have historically been offered in limited mintages. However, 5 oz high relief finish silver proof Swans are particularly desirable because only 500 are produced each year. 

About the Perth Mint and the Swan River 

Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, is nestled along the Swan River. The river has inspired the Australian city for ages and has been home to the renowned Perth Mint since 1829. Homage is paid to the graceful swan on The Perth Mint’s swan-centric logo. The flag of Western Australia also boldly features the elegant coin. The significance of The Perth Mint’s Swan coin design becomes clear when one reviews the history of the storied city. 

How To Buy & Sell Australian Swan Coins 

Today, buying and selling Australian Swan coins is easier than ever. Buyers and sellers can visit a local pawn or coin shop. However, due to limited mintages in this series, investors often choose online buyers like APMEX

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