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Five Private Mints and What Makes Them Unique

Five Private Mints and What Makes Their Products Unique

Mints from around the world produce unique Precious Metals products. The differences between sovereign mints and private mints are vast but the most important difference is sovereign mints make legal tender coins, meaning their products have a monetary face value.

Bullion items produced by sovereign mints are often uniform and follow a theme. A private mint, however, does not produce bullion for legal tender. Oftentimes the creativity and uniqueness of private mints provide coin collectors and numismatic enthusiasts options to diversify their collection.

There are several private mints around the world that add their own spin to Precious Metals bullion. Here are five private mints and what makes them each unique:

  1. Engelhard
    Engelhard was founded in New Jersey and is now a subsidiary of German manufacturer BASF. Engelhard has a reputation with coin collectors and numismatic experts for trustworthiness and top-quality products. For more than 100 years, they have produced bullion bars and bullion rounds for customers all over the world in different sizes that meet certain budgetary requirements. The designs on their Silver bullion rounds pay homage to American and Canadian history. Their Gold bars are available in various sizes, giving buyers options. Engelhard also produces automobile parts and other industrial applications.
  2. Scottsdale Mint
    Based in Arizona, Scottsdale Mint is famously known for its Bible Series coins, a collection of scenes and people from the Bible. The Silver coins in this series have a rimless design and are among the most popular and widely collected coins from a private mint. To complement their Bible Series coins, they also mint the Viking Series Silver coins. The contemporary Scottsdale Mint brand image makes them a unique mint. Not afraid to test the boundaries of unique designs, Scottsdale Mint continues to dazzle numismatic collectors all over the world. They also produce and sell bullion in the form of silver and gold bars and coins.
  3. PAMP Suisse
    Known for its beautiful designs, PAMP Suisse is one of the oldest refiners in the world and one of the world’s leading brands for bullion production and quality. What makes them unique is their precision when it comes to designing bullion products. Guaranteed to be .9999 fine Gold or Silver, or .9995 fine Platinum or Palladium, PAMP Suisse has shipped Precious Metals to people all over the world. One of their popular designs, the Lady Fortuna, is the world’s top seller in numismatics and bullion. The artistry and design are synonymous with PAMP’s dedication to excellence.
  4. Sunshine Mint
    The Sunshine Mint has a unique security system. Known as MintMark SI, the security feature prevents coin and bullion counterfeiting. All Sunshine Mint products available at APMEX have a micro-engraved security feature only visible using a specialized decoder lens. This special and unique security feature will prevent you from buying counterfeit coins and helps you determine its authenticity.
  5. Valcambi Mint
    Headquartered in Balerna, Switzerland, Valcambi is one of the world’s best-known Precious Metals mints. They manage their refining operations in one of the world’s largest facilities, covering more than 8.1 acres, and are one of the few refining-dedicated facilities in the world. Passionate about contemporary technology, stringent security and quality control, Valcambi embraces a range of refining techniques. They work with a variety of Precious Metals, including Gold, Silver and Platinum.

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