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Argor-Heraeus Mint

Headquartered in Mendrisio, Switzerland, the Argor-Heraeus Mint is one of the world’s largest processors of Precious Metals. Experts when it comes to refining Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium, Argor-Heraeus has clients in a range of industries and all around the world.

Some of the industries Argor-Heraeus services include financial, electronic, chemical, watches and jewelry, and of course the production of quality Precious Metals bars and rounds.

Argor-Heraeus’ role as a mint means they are uniquely positioned in the Precious Metals industry, and make an excellent partner for a wide range of other players like mines, trading houses, banks, and other mints, bullion houses, jewelry and watch producers and a variety of other industrial consumers.

1 Oz Gold bar
1 Oz Gold Round

Popular mint products

Recognized worldwide, Argor-Heraeus products include Gold bars and rounds. Well-known for their metal content and range of weights and sizes, some of Argor-Heraeus’ most popular products include the 1 oz Gold bars, 1 oz Gold rounds and the unique 10x 1 gram Gold bars.

Each Argor-Heraeus Gold product contains .9999+ fine Gold and is stamped with its weight, Silver content and a unique serial number. Similar to the Austrian Mint, some Argor-Heraeus items include Kinegram® technology, which creates a beautiful light-diffracting design.

All Argor-Heraeus products come packaged in an assay card that provides many benefits. First, the packages provide protection for the Gold bar or Gold round inside. Additionally, as implied by the name, the card provides proof of assay. All products are guaranteed by the mint’s assayer, listed on the assay card along with the Gold weight and purity.

Simplistic Beauty

Argor-Heraeus is known for their high-quality production and simple yet elegant designs. Their 1 oz Gold bar is a perfect example, showcasing the Argor-Heraeus logo on one side along with the Gold weight and purity. The back of the bar features a repeating pattern of the mint’s logo that creates a beautiful design that, just like Gold, will never go out of style.

1 Gram Gold Argor-Heraeus Bars

A Brief History of Argor-Heraeus

The company was founded as Argor SA in Chiasso in 1951 and, for a time, was owned by the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS). In 1999, Argor-Heraeus management took full control of the company. It has a range of prestigious shareholders, including Commerzbank International SA and the Austrian Mint.

While still under UBS control, Argor-Heraeus opened their refinery in Mendrisio. In 1998, the refinery was expanded and Argor-Heraeus operations have grown ever since. The mint opened offices in Santiago, Chile in 2004 and soon after constituted a German affiliate, Argor-Heraeus Deutschland, and Argor-Heraeus Italia.

In 2012, a new ancillary Argor-Heraeus plant was completed that enabled the company to double production. It was also the year that Argor-Heraeus set its sights on a commitment to sustainability, installing one of the region’s largest solar panel and electricity generation systems.

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