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PAMP Suisse History

Pamp Suisse is one of the world’s most well-known mints and is the leading international bullion brand. Since PAMP began business operations, it has held a dominant position in the world’s major Precious Metals markets. Based in Ticino, Switzerland, PAMP operates a state-of-the-art Precious Metals refinery and fabrication facility.

PAMP, an acronym for Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux, opened its doors in 1977. Its services are concentrated on Precious Metals, running the gamut from mining to assaying to Precious Metal production. After its acquisition by MKS SA in 1981, PAMP continued to flourish.

Each year, PAMP Suisse handles more than 450 metric tons of Gold and 600 metric tons of Silver. PAMP’s sky-high standards mean their Precious Metals products are considered of the highest quality and have their origins in ethical sources. Their distinctly beautiful and globally recognized designs mean PAMP Gold and Silver bars make an excellent investment.

MKS (Switzerland) SA, owner of PAMP Suisse, is a world-renowned trader of Precious Metals. Since 1987, both MKS and PAMP have been widely recognized in the financial services industry.

Operating closely with the MKS (Switzerland) SA Group, PAMP leverages more than 30 years of business expertise. Together, these companies offer virtually all pricing and trading aspects of the Precious Metals industry.

PAMP and the MKS Group have a vast client base spanning the full spectrum of the Precious Metals markets and including central and commercial banks, government mints, mining companies, jewelry manufacturers and bullion retailers.

Their long-term commitment to the Precious Metals industry makes PAMP a stable partner, even through the most challenging market conditions.

Gold Pamp Suisse Bar
2019 Silver Lunar Bar

Popular PAMP Suisse Products

The PAMP seal of approval is considered an international indicator of Precious Metal quality and purity. The most popular products from PAMP include Gold bars and Silver bars. They also produce Platinum bars, Palladium bars and custom coins. You can find beautiful jewelry items made from a number of their bars.

Some of the most widely recognized PAMP Gold and Silver bars are the Gold Fortuna and the Silver Fortuna, which are stamped with PAMP’s design depicting the Roman goddess of fortune. Their Rosa and Lunar bar designs are also very popular.

In addition to Perth Gold and Silver coins, investors from around the world also seek out Perth Gold bars. These include cast and minted bars that are guaranteed through the London Good Delivery set of standards.

PAMP Suisse Bullion

PAMP Fortuna or otherwise, PAMP Gold bars are guaranteed to contain .9999 fine Gold and PAMP Silver bars contain .999 fine Silver. When you buy Gold or buy Silver from PAMP Suisse, or if you venture into Platinum or Palladium, you are investing in PAMP’s decades of experience and world-respected quality. The value of these bars is guaranteed by one of the most respected suppliers of Precious Metal bars for both the wholesale and retail markets.

PAMP Platinum bar

Production Technology

PAMP Suisse has a prestigious in-house design tradition, which it expands by taking ideas from employees for new designs. In this way, PAMP keeps its brand fresh without compromising its classic aesthetics. PAMP Suisse is a master in the art of Precious Metal transformation.

PAMP Suisse’s physical production capabilities include a range of Silver, Gold and Platinum bars, Precious Metals products for the jewelry industry, customized products for financial institutions and government mints, commemorative coins and medals and Precious Metal refining.

Expand your collection today and shop our assortment of products from the PAMP Suisse Mint.

In addition to its production capabilities, PAMP also offers its clients the implementation and support of a full IT solution for the automated retailing of PAMP’s complete product range, particularly their bullion products.

The PAMP production process encompasses the initial mining of Precious Metals, assaying to assess quality, refining the Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium, and finally scanning each product into the Veriscan database.

Veriscan is designed to work with everyday office equipment to reduce the risk of counterfeits and, therefore, buy-back costs for investors and distributors. PAMP scans and stores the metal’s surface data at the production line. Going forward, all PAMP Precious Metals products can be verified using Veriscan software, a Veriscan positioning frame and a conventional scanner. It is the first truly global bullion scanning system.

More than 30 years of experience helped PAMP shape its products and services. Not only do their bars hold a high value worldwide, their services and business operations have become well-established industry standards.

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