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How to Sell Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins 

how to sell Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint annually releases Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins, one of the most popular gold bullion coins in the precious metals market. They are renowned for their high gold purity and iconic maple leaf design. Since investors and collectors favor it, knowing how to sell Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins is important to get the best return on your investment. This guide will provide detailed information on how to sell Gold Maple Leaf coins, ensuring you make informed decisions and achieve the best possible result.  

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin 

The Gold Maple Leaf coin is one of the purest gold coins in the world. First introduced in 1979, it began as a .999 fine gold bullion coin but became the first to achieve a gold content of .9999 fine gold in 1982. It features the iconic Canadian maple leaf on the reverse and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. The 2024 Maple Leaf release will be the first Gold Maple Leaf displaying His Majesty King Charles III on the obverse. The most popular Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is the 1 oz bullion coin, but it is available in fractional denominations, affecting its weight and size. 

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin 
First Year Minted 1979 
Location Minted Royal Canadian Mint, Ottawa Ontario 
Obverse Design (1979-2023) Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II  
Obverse Design (2024) Portrait of King Charles III 
Reverse Design Canadian Maple Leaf 
Gold Content .9999 fine gold 
Special Editions Commemorative, Fractional, Proof, Uncirculated, Maplegrams™ 
Specifications of the Gold Maple Leaf Coins. 

Beyond setting a new standard in gold purity, the Royal Canadian Mint continues to use cutting-edge technology to improve its Gold Maple Leaf coins. They include radial lines that make counterfeits extremely difficult to create. The Bullion DNA program was introduced in 2015, which uses a micro-engraved maple leaf security mark to authenticate each Gold Maple Leaf. The information on the micro-engraving is stored in the Royal Canadian Mint database, making verification of authenticity simple and easy. Each security mark is unique, giving each Gold Maple Leaf produced since 2015 its own Bullion DNA.  

How to Sell Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins 

When it is time to sell your Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins, preparation is vital to having the best experience. Preparation includes understanding the coin’s current market value, assessing its condition, and gathering relevant documentation. 

Assessing the Value of Gold Content 

The value of Gold Maple Leaf coins is influenced by the spot price of gold, their gold content, and numismatic factors such as rarity and condition. The first step in authenticating a Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin’s value is to find its melt value. 

Melt Value = Gold Price/Ounce × Weight of the Coin in Ounces × Gold Purity 

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins are 99.99% pure. Multiply the purity by the weight of your coin, whether a full troy ounce or a fractional Gold Maple. Next, multiply by the current spot price of gold

After determining the value of the gold in your Gold Maple Leaf coin, you’ll want to verify the condition and authenticity to discover any added value.  

Condition and Authenticity 

A coin in excellent condition without signs of wear or damage can attract higher offers. The price you pay for a gold coin above the spot price is the coin’s premium. To sell Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins at the highest premium possible, ensure your coin is genuine, as counterfeits can appear in the market. Consider having your coin graded by a professional service, like NGC or PCGS, for added credibility. 

Graded Coins 

Grading plays a crucial role in determining the value of coins, as it provides an authoritative assessment of a coin’s condition, authenticity, and overall quality. Coins are graded on a scale, typically from Poor (P-1) to Perfect Mint State (MS-70). For example, a coin graded MS-70 signifies a flawless condition with no visible marks under magnification, making it highly sought after by collectors and often commanding a premium price. Conversely, a coin graded at a lower scale, like Very Good (VG-8), shows significant wear but maintains the major features of its design.  

This difference in grading can drastically affect a coin’s market value. A Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin with a grade of MS-70 might be valued significantly higher than the same coin with a grade of VG-8 due to its superior condition and rarity in the market. Grading, certified by reputable agencies like NGC or PCGS, validates a coin’s authenticity and investment worth, influencing its demand and pricing in the numismatic community. 

Market Research 

Understand the current market trends for Gold Maple Leaf coins to fetch even higher premiums beyond your collection’s spot price and condition. Research recent sale prices for coins like yours, considering their year, condition, and any special features. 

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins come in several varieties, each with its appeal. Proof coins, known for their mirror-like finish and limited production, are highly prized by collectors and typically command a higher price due to their quality and rarity. Burnished coins feature a distinctive matte finish and are less common than standard bullion coins, attracting certain collectors.  

Certified coins, which esteemed agencies like NGC or PCGS have graded, are often more valuable as their certification guarantees authenticity and condition, thereby minimizing the buyer’s risk. A mix of certified, proof, or burnished Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins can further elevate the sale value, making it essential to detail your coin’s characteristics when selling. 

Beyond these specially minted coins, there are other types of Gold Maple Leaf coins in the market that could affect the value of your collection if you own any of them.  

.99999 Gold Maple Leaf Coins 

Between 2007 and 2009, the Royal Canadian Mint produced a unique series of Gold Maple Leaf coins containing .99999 pure gold. Renowned for being among the purest globally, collectors and investors covet these coins for their scarcity and exceptional craftsmanship. This .99999 series, often called the “Five Nines,” represents the Mint’s dedication to advancing the art of coinage. 

Gold Maplegrams™  

The Royal Canadian Mint offers a distinctive product known as Canadian Gold Maplegrams™. This collection includes several 1-gram Gold Maple Leaf coins, each individually packaged. Maplegrams are struck in 99.99% pure gold and feature the classic maple leaf design. Maplegrams™ are popular as collectible items and gifts and are an accessible starting point for newcomers to gold investment. 

Fractional Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins 

Fractional Gold Maple Leaf Coins maintain the same revered design and exceptional purity as the larger versions but come in smaller, more budget-friendly units. These coins are minted in various fractional sizes, including 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz, and 1/20 oz. This range of sizes makes them an appealing option for a wide array of collectors and investors. Their reduced size allows those interested in gold investment to do so without the need to invest in a full ounce. 

Denomination Weight (Troy oz) Purity (fineness) Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) 
$50 1.00  .9999 30 2.80 
$20 0.50 (1/2) .9999 25 2.23 
$10 0.25 (1/4) .9999 20 1.78 
$5 0.10 (1/10) .9999 16 1.13 
$1 0.05 (1/20) .9999 13.9 0.92 
Specifications of Fractional Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins. 

Selling Collections of Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins: 

Collectors often seek sets from specific years for their historical or sentimental value, making complete yearly collections appealing. Collections that include a variety of types of Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins, such as bullion, proof, and uncirculated, attract those who appreciate diversity in their collection. Offering a full set of fractional sizes from a specific year can also be a unique and attractive option for investors and collectors.  

If you own any Gold Maple Leaf set, it is important to convey the significance of the specific set when you sell your coins. A set’s potential return on investment is greater than a random collection of coins.  


Having documents that verify the authenticity of your Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins can significantly enhance your ability to sell them at a premium price. The sale value may be higher if you possess their certificate of authenticity, grading reports, or original packaging. 

Without such documentation, a third-party grading service can certify the coin’s quality, purity, and condition. The distinction between certified and uncertified Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins is often evident in their sale price. Certifications from reputable companies like NGC or PCGS assure buyers of the coin’s authenticity, thereby increasing its market value. 

Entering the selling process with the appropriate documentation for your Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins ensures you are well-informed and confident. This preparation helps secure a fair deal and guards against the potential undervaluation of your assets. 

Choosing Where to Sell Gold Maple Leaf Coins 

Deciding on the most suitable place and approach to sell your Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins is crucial for a successful transaction. Each method has its benefits and factors to consider. You should decide based on your goals and the resources available to you.  

Local Coin Store 

Local coin dealers and pawnshops provide a quick and easy way to sell your coins. They are a good choice for immediate sales. However, they might not always offer the best price since they need to profit from the resale. It’s advisable to visit several shops to compare offers before deciding. 

Online Marketplace 

Online platforms like eBay can reach a wide audience and fetch higher prices, especially if your coin is a special edition or part of a collection. The drawbacks include platform fees and the risk of fraud. Providing detailed descriptions and high-quality photos is crucial to attracting serious buyers. 

Collectors or Investors 

Direct sales to collectors or investors often yield the highest returns, as it removes intermediaries. This method requires networking within the coin-collecting community. Coin shows and online collector forums are great venues for establishing these connections. 

Reputable Dealer 

Selling your Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins to a reputable dealer like APMEX® offers a streamlined and secure process. This option simplifies the sale, allowing you to get an expert quote online and offering easy shipping solutions. With APMEX®, you avoid the complexities of negotiations, handling buyer inquiries, and the threat of scams, making it a stress-free option for selling your valuable coins. 

Steps to Sell Gold Maple Leaf Coins 

Guide for Selling to a Local Coin Store 

  1. Locate a Reputable Coin Store: Research and find coin stores skilled in purchasing Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins. Look for those with a reputation for dealing with special editions, certified, or high-quality gold coins. 
  1. Arrange a Time to Present Your Coins: Contact your chosen stores to schedule a meeting. Be ready to showcase your coins, ideally with any relevant certification or grading documents. 
  1. Negotiate Prices: Be prepared to discuss the value of your coins, focusing on their condition, scarcity, and any distinct features unique to your Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins. 
  1. Agree and Complete the Transaction: After reaching an agreeable price, finalize the sale with the necessary paperwork and deliver the items. Keep records of the transaction for tax purposes, including profit or loss. 

Guide for Selling Online 

  1. Choose the Platform: Select a platform popular among coin collectors and investors. eBay is an option suitable for both auctions and direct sales, especially when selling unique variations of Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins. 
  1. Create a Detailed Listing: Register on the chosen site and create a detailed listing. Include high-quality photos and in-depth descriptions highlighting the specific characteristics and conditions of your Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins. 
  1. Manage Inquiries and Offers: Answer inquiries and offers from potential buyers promptly and professionally, ensuring clear communication at all stages. 
  1. Complete the Sale: After accepting an offer or the conclusion of an auction, finalize the sale. Use safe, insured shipping methods and maintain accurate records of the transaction. 

Guide for Selling to Collectors or Investors 

  1. Network and Connect: Get involved with the collector community by attending coin shows, engaging in online forums, and joining local collector clubs. Making friends in the community is beneficial when you want to sell rare or unique editions of Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins. 
  1. Showcase Your Coins: When presenting your coins to prospective buyers, emphasize their special attributes, such as their condition, rarity, and specific editions. 
  1. Finalize the Sale: After negotiating an agreeable price, you should accept payment and transfer the coins safely and efficiently. Complete the transaction with all necessary documentation for a transparent and legal sale. 

Guide for Selling to APMEX® 

  1. Initiate Contact: Send detailed information about your Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins to APMEX®, including the year, condition, certifications, and quantity. 
  1. Get a Quote: APMEX® will provide a quote based on the current market value of your coins and the details you’ve provided. 
  1. Shipping: Securely pack your Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins for shipping to APMEX®, ensuring they are well-protected to preserve their condition during transit. 
  1. Expert Verification Process: Once received, APMEX®’s team will thoroughly assess the authenticity and condition of your coins. 
  1. Finalize the Sale: After verification, APMEX® will complete the transaction, and you will receive your payment along with documentation confirming the sale details. 

Tax Implications When Selling Gold Maple Leaf Coins 

Be aware of the tax implications when selling Gold Maple Leaf coins. Capital gains tax applies if the selling price exceeds the purchase price. If you suffer a loss, you can use it to offset other capital gains. Your taxes depend on how long you hold the coins and your location. We recommend keeping detailed records of sales and consulting a tax professional for advice. 

Tips for the Best Experience 

Successfully selling Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins involves understanding the market and adopting a well-thought-out strategy to achieve the best possible outcomes and a seamless selling experience. Here are some final tips to help create a seamless selling experience. 

  • Properly Store and Present Your Coins: It’s crucial to store your coins in a secure and moisture-free environment to preserve their mint condition. When displaying them to potential purchasers, do so in an appealing and professional manner. The initial impression can affect their perceived worth. 
  • Time the Sale: The gold market and interest in collecting coins are subject to change. Keep an eye on market trends and aim to sell when gold prices are favorable, or there’s a surge in collector demand. Seasonal patterns and economic factors play a role in influencing buyers, so learning as much as possible can help you maximize your returns.  
  • Avoid Scams and Fraud: Stay alert for possible fraudulent schemes, particularly in online transactions. Use trusted selling platforms and be cautious of buyers who suggest non-standard payment methods or push for hasty transactions without adequate verification. 
  • Communicate Special Features: Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins come in various types. Emphasize the unique attributes of your coin, such as special editions, proof quality, certification, grading, or any other aspects that may add to its value. 

Following these guidelines increases your chances of a smooth and secure selling process. Selling Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins can be a fulfilling venture.  

Please note that all information provided in this article is for educational purposes. We advise consulting with a financial or tax expert before making significant decisions. 

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