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How to Ship Coins: A Guide for Sellers 

How to Ship Coins

How to Ship Coins: A Guide for Sellers 

Selling coins can be an exciting venture, whether you are a seasoned collector or a hobbyist looking to declutter. However, ensuring your coins reach their destination intact is crucial for maintaining a positive reputation as a seller. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to ship coins properly and safely. 

Gather Necessary Supplies 

Before you start packaging your coins, gather the following supplies

  • Coin Holders or Flips: Place your coins in individual holders or flips to provide a protective barrier for each coin. 
  • Cardboard or Coin Albums: Secure the holders in a cardboard or coin album for added protection. 
  • Bubble Wrap: Use bubble wrap to provide an extra layer of cushioning. 
  • Packing Tape: Ensure its strong and durable to seal the package securely. 
  • Box: Use a sturdy box with enough room to accommodate the coins and padding. 
  • Padding Material: Use packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or crumpled paper to fill empty spaces in the box. 

Organize and Document 

Before you start packaging, take detailed photographs of each coin. This documentation serves as proof of the condition of the coins before shipping. Also, make a list of the coins you are sending, including their denomination, year, and any notable characteristics. 

Secure Each Coin 

Place each coin in an individual holder or flip. Ensure that they fit snugly and are not loose. This prevents coins from rubbing against each other during transit, which could lead to scratches or other damage. 

Create a Protective Layer 

Our packaging instructions on our Sell to Us page detail this process while offering tips on protecting your coins during shipping. One of the best things to do is place your coin holders or flips in a cardboard or coin album for an added layer of protection. This step minimizes the risk of coins shifting during transit. You could also separate the coins you sell into smaller boxes to eliminate room for movement during shipping. 

There may also be specific packaging and label requirements based on what service you plan to ship your coins, such as the United States Postal Service, FedEx, or the post office. It is always best to check before packaging your coins to ensure you meet their standards before shipping. 

Add Bubble Wrap for Extra Cushioning 

Wrap the cardboard or album containing the coins in bubble wrap. This provides an additional buffer against any external shocks or impacts. 

Prepare the Box 

Select a box slightly larger than the coin package to allow space for padding. Line the bottom of the box with a layer of padding material. 

Arrange Coins Carefully 

Place the wrapped coins in the box, ensuring they are snug and will not move around during transit. Fill any empty spaces with more padding material. 

Seal the Box Securely 

Use strong packing tape to seal the box. Make sure to reinforce all seams to prevent any potential openings during transit. 

Label Clearly 

Clearly write the recipient’s address and your return address on the box. Consider using a printed label for a neater and more professional appearance. 

For added security, be sure not to include words such as “coins,” “bullion,” or any verbiage that lets people know currency is inside your package.  

Choose a Reliable Shipping Service 

Opt for a reputable shipping service that offers insurance and tracking options, like registered mail or the tracking number to verify delivery. This provides peace of mind for you and the buyer. If you still have questions about what shipping service to use or their requirements, check out any shipping instructions provided to you. 

Insure the Package 

If the value of the coins is significant, consider buying additional insurance to cover any potential loss or damage during transit. 

Keep Records 

Keep a record of the tracking number and any insurance details. This information will be invaluable in case any issues arise during shipping. 

The Bottom Line on How to Ship Coins 

Properly and safely shipping coins is essential to being a reputable seller. By taking the time to organize, secure, and protect your coins, you not only ensure they arrive in excellent condition but also build trust with your buyers. Following these steps will help guarantee a positive experience for you and your customers in coin selling. 

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