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How to Sell Silver Britannia Coins 

sell silver britannia

The Silver Britannia from The Royal Mint is one of the market’s most popular silver bullion coins. Selling Silver Britannia coins requires a strategic approach to navigate the market effectively. These coins, renowned for their purity and exquisite design, represent a significant part of the United Kingdom’s heritage in precious metal minting. For individuals looking to sell Silver Britannia coins, understanding the nuances of the market, from assessing the coin’s condition to choosing the right sales channel, is crucial.  

Silver Britannia Coins 

The Silver Britannia, first introduced by The Royal Mint in 1987, symbolizes British numismatic pride and craftsmanship. Initially minted in .958 fine silver, also known as Britannia silver, this coin was Britain’s answer to the growing demand for high-quality silver bullion coins. Its design features the iconic figure of Britannia—a symbol of the United Kingdom’s strength and integrity. The Royal Mint introduced various iterations over the years, reflecting the nation’s rich heritage and artistic evolution. In 2013, The Royal Mint increased the purity of the Silver Britannia to .999 fine silver, aligning with other leading global mints and enhancing the coin’s appeal among investors and collectors. 

Silver Britannia 
First Year Minted 1997 
Location Minted The Royal Mint 
Obverse Design Queen Elizabeth II (1997-2023) King Charles III (2023-present) 
Reverse Design Britannia in various designs  
Silver Purity .958 fine (1997-2013) .999 fine (2013-present) 
Special Editions Proof, Fractional, Burnished, Anniversary editions 
Specifications of Silver Britannia coin

Over the years, the Silver Britannia has featured various special designs commemorating significant national events and anniversaries, making each edition unique. The coin’s obverse typically bears the likeness of the reigning monarch, offering a parallel narrative of the United Kingdom’s royal lineage. The decision to sell Silver Britannia coins involves due diligence to ensure the best possible experience. This guide outlines the steps to selling Silver Britannia coins, underscoring its standing as a piece of investment-grade silver and collector’s item. 

Preparing to Sell Silver Britannias 

To successfully sell Silver Britannia coins, thorough preparation is the first step to having a positive experience. You’ll first want to evaluate the condition and authenticity and determine their market value. Recognizing distinctions between different versions helps accurately assess their value. Keep track of any vital documentation that might increase the value of your Silver Britannia coins.  

Evaluate Coin Condition and Authenticity 

The condition of your Silver Britannias influences their value. Inspect each coin for defects, marks, or wear and compare it to similar items to accurately gauge its worth. 

Pay attention to the specific type of Britannia you own. Proof coins, noted for their polished finish and intricate designs, typically fetch higher prices. Burnished versions, with their distinctive matte finish, also have a unique appeal. Verify the coins’ authenticity by comparing them with official specifications. 

Coins certified by reputable grading services like PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) or NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) are more valuable than those not certified. Such certification offers an authoritative verification of the Britannias’ quality and condition, enhancing their attractiveness to collectors and investors by ensuring their authenticity and state. However, if your coins aren’t certified, it might not be worth it. This is due to the high cost of certification compared to the sale value of certain Silver Britannia coins.  

Research Silver Britannia Market Value 

The market value of Silver Britannia coins fluctuates alongside the silver spot price and the specific type of coin. 

Firstly, the melt value is essential when determining the price of your Silver Britannia coins. This value represents the fundamental intrinsic worth of the coin derived from its silver content. Silver Britannias minted since 2013 are struck with one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver. To ascertain the melt value, be aware of the current spot price of silver per troy ounce, which changes daily. The melt value is calculated by multiplying the current silver price by the coin’s purity and the overall weight. Silver Britannia coins produced before 2013 were minted with 95.8% pure silver, meaning the melt value of those Silver Britannia coins are less than the newer years.  

The actual sale price of Silver Britannias can surpass this baseline. Sellers place a premium on the coin’s melt value, especially for proof, burnished, and certified coins. Special editions and certified versions of Silver Britannia coins are produced in lower quantities, increasing their value and demand. 

Fractional Silver Britannia Coins 

The Royal Mint also issues Silver Britannias in fractional sizes. Fractional silver is popular among collectors and investors who wish to own silver in smaller, more affordable units than the standard one troy ounce. If you sell Silver Britannia coins in fractional sizes, you can create a collection of fractional Silver Britannias for a certain year and sell the set at a premium.  

Denomination Weight Metal Content 
2 pounds ½ troy oz .999 fine silver 
1 pound ¼ troy oz .999 fine silver 
50 pence 1/10 troy oz .999 fine silver 
20 pence 1/20 troy oz .999 fine silver 
Specifications of Fractional Silver Britannia coin 

Selling a Collection of Silver Britannias 

Maximizing the value of a collection of Silver Britannia coins call for a thoughtful strategy. Suppose you’re considering selling a complete set or multiple coins. In that case, it’s vital to account for the collection’s overall worth, which might exceed the total of the individual coins, mainly if it includes a variety of standard, proof, and burnished coins. 

Promote the completeness and diversity of your collection to draw the attention of dedicated collectors who are prepared to pay a premium. Moreover, capitalizing on a meticulously curated collection’s historical and sentimental value can further boost its market appeal.  


Proper documentation for your Silver Britannia coins is crucial in highlighting their value, especially when aiming to sell them at a premium. Including certificates of authenticity, grading reports, and the original packaging can significantly enhance the perceived value of your Silver Britannias. 

You can obtain documentation through reputable third-party grading services, which authenticate the coins’ quality, purity, and overall condition. Such certification is a solid assurance to prospective buyers about the coin’s legitimacy. Leading services, including NGC and PCGS, certify the Silver Britannias and provide comprehensive grading reports that bolster their market value and collector appeal. As mentioned, having a Silver Britannia BU coin certified might not be worth paying, as the grading price would exceed the value increase. However, special editions or already certified coins you have acquired can see a much higher sale price than the coin in BU condition.  

Lacking certification could disadvantage you, primarily because it shifts the burden onto you to prove your coins’ worth, often resulting in lower selling prices due to buyers’ skepticism. Keeping official documentation can impact the sale by possibly increasing the selling price and facilitating a smoother, more transparent transaction process. 

Where to Sell Silver Britannia Coins 

Choosing the right venue helps create a successful and rewarding experience selling Silver Britannia coins. Each channel offers unique advantages, particularly for special editions such as proof, burnished, or certified coins. 

Coin Dealer or Pawn Shop 

Sell Silver Britannias to a coin dealer or pawn shop for a convenient and fast option. A shop is an excellent choice for common Britannia coins, but you might find better offers elsewhere if you possess unique versions like proof or certified coins. Dealers typically quote lower prices to accommodate their operational costs and desired profit margins. 

Online Marketplaces or Auction Sites 

Utilizing online platforms to sell Silver Britannia coins can maximize your reach, making it an excellent choice for selling proof, burnished, or certified versions. These sites allow you to highlight your coins’ distinct attributes, appealing to collectors often willing to pay a premium. Auction sites like eBay can generate competitive bidding, potentially enhancing the final sale price. 

Selling Directly to Collectors or Investors 

Direct sales to collectors or investors yield the highest returns, particularly for unique editions of Britannia coins. Engaging with coin-collecting communities or investor networks can connect you with enthusiasts who appreciate the value of unique edition coins and are prepared to pay a fair price. 

Sell to Bullion Dealers 

Sell Silver Britannias to a reputable bullion dealer like APMEX for a straightforward and secure transaction. When you sell to APMEX, you’ll obtain a quote from experts and be subject to a streamlined process without worrying about handling inquiries or encountering scams. This method provides a hassle-free experience while ensuring peace of mind. 

Steps for Selling Silver Britannia Coins 

Selling to a Coin Dealer 

  1. Find the Location: Conduct thorough research to find a coin or pawn shop with expertise in purchasing Silver Britannia coins. 
  1. Initiate Contact and Schedule Meetings: Reach out to the stores to gauge their interest and offers, then set up meetings to showcase your coins. 
  1. Engage in Negotiation: Be ready to discuss your coins’ value, emphasizing aspects like unique finishes, proof, or certified status. 
  1. Finalize the Sale: Once you agree on a price, complete the sale and ensure you receive proper documentation for your records. This will be important for accurately reporting any profit or loss on your tax return. 

Selling Online 

  1. Choose Your Platform: Pick a reliable online marketplace that caters to coin collectors or investors. Auction sites like eBay can be ideal for letting potential buyers bid on your coins. 
  1. Create a Compelling Listing: Create an account on your chosen site and set up a listing for your Silver Britannia coins, including detailed images and descriptions highlighting their unique features. 
  1. Handle Inquiries and Offers: Respond to potential buyers’ questions or offers promptly and professionally.  
  1. Conclude the Sale: Upon accepting an offer or concluding an auction, finalize the sale with the necessary paperwork for proper record-keeping. 
  1. Shipping and Handling: Use secure and insured shipping methods to protect you and the buyer. 

Selling to Collectors or Investors 

  1. Expand Your Network: Participate in coin shows and online forums or join local collector groups to connect with enthusiasts interested in unique Britannia coins. 
  1. Showcase Your Coins: Highlight your coins’ exceptional quality and distinctive features, such as proof or burnished versions. 
  1. Complete the Transaction: Negotiate by focusing on the unique value of your Britannia coins, concluding with detailed sale documentation. 

Selling to APMEX 

  1. Contact: Contact online or via phone to provide detailed information about the Britannia coins you wish to sell. 
  1. Receive a Quote: Get a price quote reflecting your coins’ current market value and specifics. 
  1. Send for Verification: Ship your coins to us for expert verification. 
  1. Verification Process: A team of specialists will examine your silver coins to confirm their condition and authenticity. 
  1. Receive Payment: After verification, you’ll be paid for your coins, complete with transaction documentation. 

Choosing the proper method to sell Silver Britannia coins depends on the specifics of your collection and your selling objectives. 

Navigating Tax Obligations 

Selling Silver Britannia coins comes with its own set of tax considerations. The revenue generated from sales of precious metals may incur capital gains taxes. It is essential to understand the reporting obligations of selling silver. You are subject to short-term capital gains taxes if you sell Silver Britannias within a year of acquisition. If you sell Silver Britannia coins after holding them for over a year, they’ll be subject to long-term capital gains.  

Should you experience any financial losses from the sale of Silver Britannia coins, these can be reported to offset gains in other areas. A comprehensive understanding of the tax implications of selling these coins is imperative for sellers, ensuring that all profits and losses are accurately reported to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). We recommend consulting with a tax professional to navigate the complexities of tax regulations and ensure full legal compliance.  

Achieving the Best Outcome 

Selling Silver Britannia coins can be lucrative and straightforward if you adopt the correct strategy. Here are some essential tips to help you enhance your earnings and ensure a seamless sale: 

  • Ensure Proper Storage to Retain Value: The condition of your coins is paramount, particularly for proof, special editions, and graded coins. Employ the right storage solutions, such as specialized cases or holders, to prevent damage and keep them pristine. Graded coins must remain in their protective slabs to safeguard their assessed value. 
  • Optimize the Timing of Your Sale: Given the volatile nature of silver prices, timing your sale to align with market peaks can lead to greater profits. 
  • Guard Against Scams and Fraud: When you sell Silver Britannias that are special editions or grade, it’s crucial to be vigilant against fraudulent schemes. Ensure the legitimacy of your buyers, utilize secure transaction methods, and consider using insured delivery services to protect you and the buyer. 
  • Showcase Unique Attributes: If you sell proof or limited-edition coins, highlight these aspects in your advertisements or discussions. Such coins often have a more limited circulation and lower populations, garnering a higher premium over standard issues. Detailing the grade and the certifying body for graded coins can help command a higher price. 

Adhering to these guidelines will help preserve the value of your Silver Britannia coins and empower you to approach the selling process with greater assurance and protection. 

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