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I Want to Buy Silver on a Small Budget That I can Quickly Sell in Case of an Emergency.

Silver Bullion Rounds arranged so the designs are visible

What Silver is the Least Expensive to Buy and Easiest to Liquidate?

Silver’s comparatively low price per ounce makes it a less expensive entry point to precious metals than gold, platinum, or palladium. Based on your question, we believe the two most important features you should look for in starting a stack are low premiums and popularity.

One ounce silver rounds, coins, and bars with lower premiums will be the best option, as these will be priced closer to spot than products with higher premiums. Focusing on lower premiums means you’re less likely to be forced to sell at a loss in the event you need to convert your metals to cash. You also want to focus primarily on popular bullion coins and bars that are easy to sell, rather than a collection of numismatic coins or modern collectible pieces like colorized Sonic rounds. Focusing on popular and easily recognized silver pieces means it’s going to be easier to sell at a coin shop or in the secondary market – and fast liquidity is important in an emergency.

What is the Lowest Cost Fine Silver I can Buy on a Small Budget?

Since your goal is to liquidate silver for emergency cash, you will want to be able to sell your assets quickly. Smaller silver rounds, bars, and coins will always be in demand and are easier to cash in than large kilo silver bars. The two most popular sizes are 1-ounce and 10-ounce quantities. Your stack should be focused on these quantities as they’re easy to sell.

Silver Bullion We Recommend

Some silver bullion coins worth considering include South African Silver Krugerrands, Austrian Silver Philharmonics, British Silver Britannia’s, and Canadian Philharmonics. These coins are valuable, readily available, and less expensive than some of their counterparts like silver Mexican Libertads and Eagles. Silver Buffalos are also priced more economically and are readily available.

Silver Bars and Rounds Offer Better Pricing (Usually)

Need to conserve your funds more than these will allow? Silver bars and rounds maximize the value of your dollar, as they will usually carry lower premiums than sovereign coins. 1 oz and 5 oz silver bars and rounds are all inexpensive starting points. Since they are popular, commonly distributed, and not sovereign issues, these will have the lowest costs.

If you can budget for it, some retailers will extend discounts for bulk purchases, which will reduce your price per ounce and increase your yield when it is time to sell. Shop around for the best tier pricing. If you make a bulk purchase, you can sometimes get a better price depending on what you buy. For example, the next best tier for Silver Buffalos is often at 20 rounds, while Silver Maples starts at 25 coins. It’s important to compare, especially if you’re shopping deals.

It is worth keeping in mind that the price of silver can fluctuate and is impacted by many international and domestic factors. If you are ready to sell your silver today, APMEX buys silver.

Quick Guides to Investing

Step 1:

Why Buy Physical Gold and Silver?

If you are concerned about the volatility of the stock market, you’re not alone. The extreme highs and lows of the stock market often lead investors towards safe-haven assets, like bullion. Historically, the Precious Metals market has an inverse relationship with the stock market, meaning that when stocks are up, bullion is down and vice versa.

Step 2:

How Much Gold and Silver Should You Have?

This question is one of the most important for investors to answer. After all, experts suggest limits on how much of any types of investments should go into a portfolio. After deciding to purchase and own Precious Metals and considering how much money to allocate, one can then think about how much and what to buy at any point in time.

Step 3:

Which Precious Metals Should I Buy?

With the frequent changes in the market and countless Precious Metal products available, choosing investments can be difficult. Some want Gold or Silver coins, rounds or bars while others want products that are valuable because of their design, mintage or other collectible qualities. Also, collectors may shop for unique sets and individual pieces for their collections.

Step 4:

When to Buy Gold & Silver

After considering why, how much, and what Precious Metals products to buy, an investor’s next step is when to buy them. This decision requires an understanding of market trends and the impact of economic factors on precious metal prices.

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