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Is My Liberian $10 JFK Coin Valuable?  

Depending on which Liberian John Fitzgerald Kennedy coin you have, it may be valuable relative to its face value and the exchange rate. The exact value depends on the year of issue, the grade of the coin, and its market demand. JFK has been honored on many Liberian Proof coins, and those may be worth as much as $60.  

What is the Liberian $10 JFK Coin?  

Liberia issued $10 coins to honor both John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1988 and again in 1993. Liberia also issued a $10 coin honoring John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Junior, in 1999. Those are not the only Liberian coins honoring the 35th U.S. President or the Kennedy family.  Liberia uses the Liberian dollar. 

Design and Features  

The design of these coins depicts the Liberian coat of arms on the obverse and the subject on the reverse. Depictions of JFK and JFK Jr almost all face left, looking westward at the United States. The First Ladies coin honoring Jacqueline Kennedy is facing right.  

The Liberian coat of arms consists of a shield containing an image of a 19th century ship arriving in Liberia next to a rising sun with a white dove above the ship. Below the ship, on land, a plow rests next to a palm tree. Above and below the shield is the motto THE LOVE OF LIBERTY BROUGHT US HERE and below the shield are the words REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA. 

How Much is a Liberian $10 JFK Coin Worth?  

All recently sold JFK coins are worth more than their face or melt value in MS-63 condition. The silver and gold issues honoring JFK and the Kennedy family are composed of .999 fine silver and gold, respectively. 

Year Precious Metal  Precious Metal Content Value 
1988 Silver 0.9989 Ounce $40 
1993 Silver 0.9989 Ounce $45 
1999 Silver 0.4995 Ounce $27.50 
1999 Silver 0.9957 Ounce $45 
2000 Gold 0.0234 Ounce $60 
2003 Copper-Nickel   $12 
2006 Gold 0.0234 Ounce $60 

Other Liberian Coins Honoring JFK  

Altogether, there are at least 13 Liberian coins honoring the Kennedy family. There are eight coins honoring President John F. Kennedy, one for Jacqueline Kennedy, and four for JFK Jr.  

List of Liberian Kennedy Coins  

Liberia’s currency is the Liberian dollar, which is valued at 1:0.0052 USD at the time of this writing.  

Year of Issue  Commemorating  Face Value  Metal  
1988  25th Anniversary of JFK’s death  $10  Silver  
1988  25th Anniversary of JFK’s death  $250  Gold  
1993  30th Anniversary of JFK’s death  $5  Silver  
1993  30th Anniversary of JFK’s death  $10  Silver  
1993  30th Anniversary of JFK’s death  $250  Gold  
1999 JFK Jr $10 Silver 
1999  JFK Jr’s death  $10  Silver  
2000 JFK $10 Gold 
2000  President JFK and JFK, Jr  $20  Silver  
2000  JFK Jr  $50  Gold  
2003 Jacqueline Kennedy  $10  Copper-Nickel  
2006  President JFK  $20  Silver  
2006 President JFK $10 Gold 

Why do Some Liberian Coins Honor American Politicians?  

There is a rich history between Liberia and the United States of America. Liberia was founded as a project of the American Colonization Society (ACS) in the 19th century.    

From 1822 until 1861, nearly 20,000 free-born African Americans and Afro-Caribbeans moved to Liberia, where an Americo-Liberian cultural identity slowly emerged. The nation of Liberia declared its independence in 1847, although the United States did not recognize this until 1862.   

The Liberian-JFK Connection  

President JFK visited Liberia in 1961 when he laid the framework for USAID to begin work on a national medical center. Kennedy met and worked with President William Vacanarat Shadrach Tubman, who is considered the father of modern Liberia, to plan a large medical center.  

USAID provided $9.2 million in grants and a $6.8 million dollar loan for the center. The Liberian government contributed $1 million, and construction began on the facility in Monrovia in 1964.   

The John F. Kennedy Medical Center opened on July 27, 1971, is comprised of four institutions and remains the largest referral hospital in Liberia. The center is made up of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, the Maternity Hospital, the Tubman National Institute of Medical Arts, and the Catherine Mills Rehabilitation Hospital.   

Under the direction of President Kennedy, the United States worked to establish military assistance programs, economic programs, and the Peace Corps in Liberia. As a result of his actions, the United States provided almost $300 million in aid to Liberia between 1962 and 1980, when civil unrest broke out following Samuel Doe’s coup.   

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