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What are Disney Dollars? 

Disney Dollars were a unique private issue known as a corporate scrip that the Walt Disney Company issued from 1987 until 2016. They are similar to contemporary U.S. dollars in their shape, size, and design but were not legal tender outside of Disney properties.  

What is a Scrip? 

Scrip is a substitute for legal tender. In the 19th century, some logging and mining camps paid workers in company scrip. Since many working camps were in remote areas with little available cash, scrip was used to pay workers, and workers could pay for goods at the company store with scrip. This allowed significant markup on behalf of the company store, and payment of U.S. wages in scrip has been illegal since the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act. 

Disney Dollars are a corporate scrip that can be used at face value at company points of sale, although most scrip is issued as gift certificates or gift cards today. 

History of Disney Dollars 

Disney Dollars were conceived of by Hayy Brice, a Main Street Disneyland silhouette cutter, at a Disney collector’s convention in 1987. His concept was of a souvenir sold in the park that could also be used as money in the park.  

The first Disney Dollars were issued at Disneyland on May 5, 1987, and at Walt Disney World’s Epcot on October 5 of the same year. They were produced by EPI in Battle Creek, Michigan and were the first four-color notes issued in the United States. Early Disney Dollars were available in $1 and $5 denominations, with a $10 denomination added in 1990. In 2005, a $50 denomination of Disney Dollar was issued. Scrooge McDuck was the signing treasurer of Disney Dollars, which contained numerous anti-counterfeiting measures that included microprinting, reflective ink, serial numbers, as well as glitter. 

Full List of Disney Dollars and Designs and PMG ID 

1987 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
Disneyland $1 Waving Mickey Sleeping Beauty’s Castle DIS1 
AA Disneyland $1 Waving Mickey Sleeping Beauty’s Castle DIS2 
Disneyland $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy Riverboat DIS3 
AA Disneyland $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy Riverboat DIS4 
DA Disney World $1 Waving Mickey Sleeping Beauty’s Castle DIS5 
DA Disney World $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy Riverboat DIS6 

1988 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
AA Disneyland $1 Waving Mickey Main Street DIS7 
AA Disneyland $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy View from Disney World DIS8 
DA Disney World $1 Waving Mickey Main Street DIS9 
DA Disney World $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy View from Disney World DIS10 

1989 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
AA Disneyland $1 Waving Mickey Sleeping Beauty’s Castle DIS11 
AA Disneyland $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy View from Disney World DIS12 
DA Disney World $1 Waving Mickey Sleeping Beauty’s Castle DIS13 
DA Disney World $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy View from Disney World DIS14 

1990 Disney Dollars

Series Location $ Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
AA Disneyland $1 Waving Mickey Sleeping Beauty’s Castle DIS15 
AA Disneyland $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy View from Disney World DIS16 
AA Disneyland $10 Smiling Minnie Disneyland Views DIS17 
DA Disney World $1 Waving Mickey Sleeping Beauty’s Castle DIS18 
DA Disney World $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy View from Disney World DIS19 
DA Disney World $10 Smiling Minnie Disneyland Views DIS20 

1991 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
AA Disneyland $1 Waving Mickey Sleeping Beauty’s Castle DIS21 
AA Disneyland $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy View from Disney World DIS22 
AA Disneyland $10 Smiling Minnie Disneyland Views DIS23 
DA Disney World $1 Waving Mickey Sleeping Beauty’s Castle DIS24 
DA Disney World $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy View from Disney World DIS25 
DA Disney World $10 Smiling Minnie Disneyland Views DIS26 

1993 Disney Dollars

Series Location $ Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
AA Disneyland $1 Mickey 65th Mickey in Car DIS27 
AA Disneyland $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy View from Disney World DIS28 
AA Disneyland $10 Smiling Minnie Disneyland Views DIS29 
DA Disney World $1 Mickey 65th Mickey in Car DIS30 
DA Disney World $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy View from Disney World DIS31 
DA Disney World $10 Smiling Minnie Disneyland Views DIS32 

1994 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
AA Disneyland $1 Waving Mickey Sleeping Beauty’s Castle DIS33 
AA Disneyland $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy View from Disney World DIS34 
AA Disneyland $10 Smiling Minnie Disneyland Views DIS35 

1995 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
AA Disneyland $1 Waving Mickey Sleeping Beauty’s Castle DIS36 
AA Disneyland $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy View from Disney World DIS37 
AA Disneyland $10 Smiling Minnie Disneyland Views DIS38 
DA Disney World $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy View from Disney World DIS39 
DA Disney World $10 Smiling Minnie Disneyland Views DIS40 

1996 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
AA Disneyland $1 Waving Mickey Sleeping Beauty’s Castle DIS41 
AA Disneyland $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy View from Disney World DIS42 
AA Disneyland $10 Smiling Minnie Small World DIS43 
DA Disney World $1 Waving Mickey Sleeping Beauty’s Castle DIS44 
DA Disney World $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy View from Disney World DIS45 
DA Disney World $10 Smiling Minnie Small World DIS46 

1997 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
AA Disneyland $1 Sorcerer Mickey Remember the Magic DIS47 
AA Disneyland $5 Formal Goofy Remember the Magic DIS48 
AA Disneyland $10 Simba Remember the Magic DIS49 
DA Disney World $1 Sorcerer Mickey Remember the Magic DIS50 
DA Disney World $5 Formal Goofy Remember the Magic DIS51 
DA Disney World $10 Simba Remember the Magic DIS52 

1998 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
AA Disneyland $1 Waving Mickey Sleeping Beauty’s Castle DIS53 
AA Disneyland $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy View from Disney World DIS54 
AA Disneyland $10 Smiling Minnie Disneyland Views DIS55 
DA Disney World $1 Waving Mickey Sleeping Beauty’s Castle DIS56 
DA Disney World $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy View from Disney World DIS57 
DA Disney World $10 Smiling Minnie Disneyland Views DIS58 

1999 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
AA Disneyland $1 Waving Mickey Sleeping Beauty’s Castle DIS59 
AA Disneyland $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy View from Disney World DIS60 
AA Disneyland $10 Smiling Minnie Disneyland Views DIS61 
DA Disney World $1 Waving Mickey Sleeping Beauty’s Castle DIS62 
DA Disney World $5 Closed-Eyed Goofy View from Disney World DIS63 
DA Disney World $10 Smiling Minnie Disneyland Views DIS64 

2000 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
AA Disneyland $1 Millennium Mickey Disney World DIS65 
AA Disneyland $5 Millennium Goofy Disneyland DIS66 
AA Disneyland $10 Millennium Donald Disneyland Paris DIS67 
DA Disney World $1 Millennium Mickey Disney World DIS68 
DA Disney World $5 Millennium Goofy Disneyland DIS69 
DA Disney World $10 Millennium Donald Disneyland Paris DIS70 

2001 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
AA Disneyland $1 Sorcerer Mickey Disneyland Park DIS71 
AA Disneyland $5 Backpack Mickey California Adventure DIS72 
AA Disneyland $10 Vacation M&M Disneyland Resort DIS73 
DA Disney World $1 Sorcerer Mickey Disneyland Park DIS74 
DA Disney World $5 Backpack Mickey California Adventure DIS75 
DA Disney World $10 Vacation M&M Disneyland Resort DIS76 

2002 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
AA Disneyland $1 Steamboat Willie Disney Characters DIS77 
AA Disneyland $5 Snow White Disney Characters DIS78 
AA Disneyland $10 Tinkerbell Disney Characters DIS79 
DA Disney World $1 Steamboat Willie Disney Characters DIS80 
DA Disney World $5 Snow White Disney Characters DIS81 
DA Disney World $10 Tinkerbell Disney Characters DIS82 

2003 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
AA Disneyland $1 Mickey 2000 outfit Disneyland Resort DIS83 
AA Disneyland $5 Goofy 2000 outfit Disney World Resort DIS84 
AA Disneyland $10 Donald 2000 outfit Disneyland Paris Resort DIS85 
DA Disney World $1 Mickey 2000 outfit Disneyland Resort DIS86 
DA Disney World $5 Goofy 2000 outfit Disney World Resort DIS87 
DA Disney World $10 Donald 2000 outfit Disneyland Paris Resort DIS88 

2005 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
AA Disneyland $1 Chicken Little Oakey Oaks DIS89 
DA Disney World $1 Chicken Little Oakey Oaks DIS90 
Disney Store $1 Chicken Little Oakey Oaks DIS91 
Disneyland $1 Dumbo Disneyland Resort DIS92 
Disneyland $1 Dumbo Disneyland Resort Bar Code DIS93 
Disney World $1 Dumbo Disneyland Resort DIS94 
Disney World $1 Dumbo Disneyland Resort Bar Code DIS95 
Disney Store $1 Dumbo Disneyland Resort DIS96 
Disney Store $1 Dumbo Disneyland Resort Bar Code DIS97 
Disneyland $1 Cinderella Disneyland Resort DIS98 
Disney World $1 Cinderella Disneyland Resort DIS99 
Disney Store $1 Cinderella Disneyland Resort DIS100 
Disneyland $5 Donald Duck Disneyland Resort DIS101 
Disneyland $5 Donald Duck Disneyland Resort Bar Code DIS102 
Disney World $5 Donald Duck Disneyland Resort DIS103 
Disney World $5 Donald Duck Disneyland Resort Bar Code DIS105 
Disney Store $5 Donald Duck Disneyland Resort DIS106 
Disney Store $5 Donald Duck Disneyland Resort Bar Code DIS107 
Disneyland $5 Goofy Disneyland Resort DIS108 
Disney World $5 Goofy Disneyland Resort DIS109 
Disney Store $5 Goofy Disneyland Resort DIS110 
Disneyland $10 Stitch Disneyland Resort DIS111 
Disneyland $10 Stitch Disneyland Resort Bar Code DIS112 
Disney World $10 Stitch Disneyland Resort DIS113 
Disney World $10 Stitch Disneyland Resort Bar Code DIS114 
Disney Store $10 Stitch Disneyland Resort DIS115 
Disney Store $10 Stitch Disneyland Resort Bar Code DIS116 
Disneyland $10 Minnie Disneyland Resort DIS117 
Disney World $10 Minnie Disneyland Resort DIS118 
Disney Store $10 Minnie Disneyland Resort DIS119 
Disneyland $50 Mickey Boyer Disneyland Resort DIS120 
Disneyland $50 Mickey Boyer Framed Disneyland Resort DIS121 
Disney World $50 Mickey Boyer Disneyland Resort DIS122 
Disneyland $50 Mickey Disneyland Resort DIS123 
Disney World $50 Mickey Disneyland Resort DIS124 

2007 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
Disneyland $1 Ariel Castle DIS125 
Disneyland $5 Aurora Castle DIS126 
Disneyland $10 Cinderella Castle DIS127 
Disney World $1 Ariel Castle DIS128 
Disney World $5 Aurora Castle DIS129 
Disney World $10 Cinderella Castle DIS130 
Disney Store $1 Ariel Castle DIS131 
Disney Store $5 Aurora Castle DIS132 
Disney Store $10 Cinderella Castle DIS133 
EF Disneyland $1 Pirate Skull Fire Flying Dutchman DIS134 
FF Disney World $1 Pirate Skull Fire Flying Dutchman DIS135 
EB Disneyland $1 Pirate Skull Swords Black Pearl DIS136 
FB Disney World $1 Pirate Skull Swords Black Pearl DIS137 
EE Disneyland $1 Pirate Skull Bones Empress DIS138 
FE Disney World $1 Pirate Skull Bones Empress DIS139 

2008 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
Disneyland $1 Pie-Eye Mickey Mickey Evolving DIS140 
Disneyland $5 Bandleader Mickey Mickey Evolving DIS141 
Disneyland $10 Bobble Head Mickey Mickey Evolving DIS142 
Disney Store $1 Pie-Eye Mickey Mickey Evolving DIS143 
Disney Store $5 Bandleader Mickey Mickey Evolving DIS144 
Disney Store $10 Bobble Head Mickey Mickey Evolving DIS145 
Disney World $1 Pie-Eye Mickey Mickey Evolving DIS146 
Disney World $5 Bandleader Mickey Mickey Evolving DIS147 
Disney World $10 Bobble Head Mickey Mickey Evolving DIS148 

2009 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
Disneyland $1 Mickey and Pluto Much Worth Celebrating DIS149 
Disneyland $5 Daisy and Minnie Much Worth Celebrating DIS150 
Disneyland $10 Celebration Party Much Worth Celebrating DIS151 
Disney Store $1 Mickey and Pluto Much Worth Celebrating DIS152 
Disney Store $5 Daisy and Minnie Much Worth Celebrating DIS153 
Disney Store $10 Celebration Party Much Worth Celebrating DIS154 
Disney World $1 Mickey and Pluto Much Worth Celebrating DIS155 
Disney World $5 Daisy and Minnie Much Worth Celebrating DIS156 
Disney World $10 Celebration Party Much Worth Celebrating DIS157 

2011 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
Disneyland $1 Pirate Skull Swords Queen Anne’s Revenge DIS158 
Disney World $1 Pirate Skull Swords Queen Anne’s Revenge DIS159 

2013 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
Disneyland $1 Captain Hook Peter Pan & Wendy DIS160 
Disneyland $1 Maleficent Dragon Prince Phillip & Aurora DIS161 
Disneyland $1 Ursula Prince Eric & Ariel DIS162 
Disneyland $1 Cruella Pongo & Perdita DIS163 
Disney World $1 Captain Hook Peter Pan & Wendy DIS164 
Disney World $1 Maleficent Dragon Prince Phillip & Aurora DIS165 
Disney World $1 Ursula Prince Eric & Ariel DIS166 
Disney World $1 Cruella Pongo & Perdita DIS167 

2014 Disney Dollars

Series Location Obverse Reverse PMG ID 
Disneyland $1 Splash Mountain Mickey in Splash Mountain DIS168 
Disneyland $5 Big Thunder Mtn Railroad Mickey in Big Thunder Mountain DIS169 
Disneyland $10 Space Mountain Mickey in Space Mountain DIS170 
Disney World $1 Splash Mountain Mickey in Splash Mountain DIS171 
Disney World $5 Big Thunder Mtn Railroad Mickey in Big Thunder Mountain DIS172 
Disney World $10 Space Mountain Mickey in Space Mountain DIS173 

Are Disney Dollars Made Today? 

Disney Dollars have not been printed since May 14, 2016, due to increased gift card use. They may still be used at select Disney store locations, the Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resorts, Disney cruise ships, and parts of Castaway Cay.  

Are Disney Dollars Valuable? 

Like bullion coins, Disney Dollars tend to be worth more than their face value to the right collector. Since they have not been issued in close to a decade, Disney Dollars have an active secondary market where collectors and Disney enthusiasts are able to continue collecting them. 

Quick Guides to Investing

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Step 2:

How Much Gold and Silver Should You Have?

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