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What are the Top 100 VAM Varieties? 

The list of Top 100 VAM Morgan Dollars is a list of 100 important, rare, and easily discernible die varieties of Morgan and Peace Dollars. 

The Morgan Silver Dollar was issued from the New Orleans, Carson City, Denver, San Francisco, and Philadelphia Mints from 1878 through 1904 and in 1921. The Peace dollar was issued from 1921 through 1928 and from 1934 to 1935.  

The Van Allen-Mallis (VAM) system was created by researchers Leroy C. Van Allen and A. George Mallis to describe all the die variations used in the Morgan and Peace Dollar series. In their findings, they noted the differences between dollars from the same year and mint, which helped in identifying die varieties.  

How Many VAM Die Varieties are There? 

There have been more than 3,300 VAM die varieties of Morgan and Peace Dollars identified, although groups like the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) do not recognize all of these.  

How Do I Know Which VAM Variety My Dollar is? 

Identifying your Morgan Dollar VAM will require magnification and an eye for minute detail. You will need a 15x loupe to clearly see the details that differentiate one die variety from another. 

Paying close attention to the details and lines on the wings and tailfeather of the eagle on the reverse and to the hair, nostril, and eye on the obverse will help shed light on some varieties. Collectors should also be mindful of doubling of the letters on the coins, and on some varieties, the word LIBERTY is doubled entirely.  

Some dollars exhibit clashing on the reverse and/or obverse, which happens when die strike each other without a planchet between them. Other varieties feature filled dies, misplaced dates, and combinations of the above. 

List of Top 100 VAM Varieties 

There are variations to many of these VAM die varieties. 

Year VAM Number Description 
1878-P VAM 5 8 Tail Feathers DDO 
1878-P VAM 9 8 Tail Feathers First Morgan Dollar Comma Feather Reverse 
1878-P VAM 14.11 8 Tail Feathers Wild Eye Spikes 
1878-P VAM 15 8 Tail Feathers Doubled LIBERTY Concave Reverse 
1878-P VAM 23 8 Tail Feathers Doubled Profile – Lips, Nose, & Chin 
1878-P VAM 32 7/3 Tail Feathers Variety 
1878-P VAM 41 7/7 Tail Feathers 
1878-P VAM 44 7/5 Tail Feathers Tripled Obverse Blossoms, Doubled Eagles Legs 
1878-P VAM 45 7/0 Tail Feathers Eagles Legs are Doubled to the Left 
1878-P VAM 70 Doubled RIB in LIBERTY 
1878-P VAM 100 Incuse M Short Nock 
1878-P VAM 115 Tripled Cotton Bolls and Leaves 
1878-P VAM 117 Triple Star, Closed O in GOD 
1878-P VAM 171 Tripled R 
1878-P VAM 203 Short Leaf 
1878-P VAM 220 Tripled R in PLURIBUS 
1878-P VAM 223 Over-Polished L in LIBERTY 
1878-S VAM 26 Long Nock, S Tilted to the Left 
1878-CC VAM 6 Doubled Leaves and Ear. CC Mintmark Almost Touches Wreath 
1878-CC VAM 11 Lines on Eagle’s Wing 
1878-CC VAM 24/24A Doubled Leaves No Ear Doubling 
1879-S VAM 4 Rev of 1878, Die Rust Dots on the Wing Next to the Eagle’s Leg 
1879-CC VAM 3 Large over Small CC – “Capped CC” 
1880-P VAM 1-A Die Break, Knobbed 8 
1880-P VAM 6 8/7 Spikes above and Crossbar Inside the Second 8 
1880-P VAM 7 8/7 Crossbar at the Top Interior of the Second 8 
1880-P VAM 8 8/7 Ears Top Left and Right Second 8 
1880-P VAM 9 8/7 Stem. Faint Diagonal Marks in Both Loops of the Second 8 
1880-P VAM 23 80/79 With Remains of the 7 in the Surface of the 0 
1880-CC VAM 4 80/79 Overdate Markings in 8 & 0 
1880-CC VAM 5 8/7 High 7 in the Second 8 
1880-O VAM 1A Hangnail Reverse Reclassified as VAM 48 
1880-O VAM 4 Crossbar With Micro-O 
1880-O VAM 6 8/7 Top of Ear Outside Left of 8 
1880-O VAM 6B 8/7 Ear with Hangnail Rev Reclassified as VAM 49 
1880-O VAM 43 Doubled Ear 
1880-S VAM 8 Diagonal 8/7 Gunk in the Top Loop of the Second 8, Medium S 
1880-S VAM 10 8/7 Crossbar with Markings in the Top of the Second 8 
1882-O VAM 3 O/S Flush 
1882-O VAM 4 Recessed O/S 
1882-O VAM 5 O/S Broken 
1882-O VAM 7 O/O Repunched Mint Mark 
1883-P VAM 10 Sextupled Stars 
1883-O VAM 4 Strong O/O 
1884-P VAM 3 Large Dot Near the Designer’s Initial: M 
1884-O VAM 6 O/O With Underlying Remains on Bottom Left of Outside 
1885-S VAM 6 S/S Extra Serif at Bottom of S Mint Mark 
1886-P VAM 1A S/S Digit in Denticles Below the Date 
1886-P VAM 17 Doubled Arrows 
1886-P VAM 21 Line Through M from a Misplaced 8 
1886-O VAM 1A Clashed E with 1, 2, or 7 Clashes 
1886-S VAM 2 S/S on Top and Bottom Serifs 
1887-P VAM 1A Donley Tail with a Die Break on the Bottom Right of D in DOLLAR 
1887-P VAM 2 7/6 With a Curved Line Through the Lower Stem of 7 
1887-P VAM 5 Doubling Most Prominent on Last 87 
1887-P VAM 12 Alligator Eye – Doubled Vertical Line at the Front of Liberty’s Right Eye 
1887-O VAM 2 Doubled 1, Tripled 7 in 1887 
1887-O VAM 3 7/6 With Remains of Underlying 6 at the Base of the 7 
1887-O VAM 5 Doubled Stars 
1887-O VAM 22A Pitted Reverse Previously Known as VAM 22 
1887-S VAM 2 S/S With Remains of the Original S Inside the Top Loop 
1888-P VAM 11 Strong Doubling at Back and Left Inside of the Ear 
1880-O VAM 1A Clashed E on Reverse. Must Exhibit a Die Break Through the R 
1880-O VAM 1B Scar Face, Die Break from the Rim Across the Cheek of Liberty 
1880-O VAM 4 Hot Lips, Doubling on Liberty’s Lips, Chin, and Nose 
1880-O VAM 9 Doubled Arrows on Reverse 
1880-O VAM 2 Oval O Mint Mark Set High 
1889-P VAM 19A Bar Wing with a Normal Date 
1889-O VAM 1A Clashed E on Reverse with a Known Monster Double Clash E 
1889-O VAM 2 Ovular O 
1889-O VAM 6 Doubled 18-9 at the Bottom 
1890-CC VAM 4 Tail Bar Die Gouge 
1891-P VAM 2 Doubled Ear 
1891-CC VAM 3 Spitting Eagle with a Die Gouge in Liberty’s Mouth 
1891-O VAM 1A Clashed E on the Reverse. The Late-Stage Die has an Eyeball Die Break 
1891-S VAM 3 Stars to the Left of the Doubled Date 
1892-O VAM 5 Doubled 2, Doubled Ear, o/O Top Near Date with Overlapping Reeding 
1892-S VAM 2 All Date Numerals Doubled 
1893-P VAM 4 Bottom Edges of the Stars to the Left and Right of Date are Doubled 
1895-S VAM 4 S/Horizontal S 
1896-P VAM 4 Stars to the Left and Right of the Date are Doubled 
1896-P VAM 19 Top of 8 Visible in the Denticles 
1896-O VAM 4 Micro O Mint Mark (Privately Made) 
1897-P VAM 6A Pitted Reverse with Near Date 
1899-0 VAM 4 Micro O Mint Mark with Normal Date Position 
1899-S VAM 7 Doubled Date with Both 9’s Doubled Above the Numerals 
1900-P VAM 11 Doubled Eagle Reverse 
1900-O VAM 5 Micro O Mint Mark (Privately Made) 
1900-O VAM 7 O/CC Low with Doubled 0 
1900-O VAM 9 O/CC Centered, Shifted to the Right, Doubled Date 
1900-O VAM 15 Doubled Stars to the Right of the Date 
1900-O VAM 29A Heavy Die Break from Rim Through 19 of the Date 
1901-P VAM 3 Shifted Eagle, Doubled Die Reverse 
1902-P VAM 4 Back of Liberty’s Ear Doubled 
1902-O VAM 3 Micro O Mint Mark (Privately Made) 
1903-S VAM 2 Small S Mint Mark 
1921-P VAM 41A Pitted Reverse Formerly Known as VAM 41/1A 
1921-P VAM 2 Infrequently Reeded, Revised into VAM 13, 25, 26, 27, and 28 
1921-D VAM 1A2 Fill Die. S in TRUST is Missing. Previously Known as VAM 1A 

Because of the thousands of varieties that have been identified, some collectors try to add as many VAM die varieties as they can to their coin collections.  

If you collect Morgan dollars, assembling a collection of the Top 100 VAM Morgan Dollars will take time but many collectors have achieved this goal.  

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