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What is a Prestige Proof Mint Set? 

Prestige Proof Sets are sets of proof coins issued by the United States Mint between 1983 and 1997 except for 1985. The set came with proof versions of the cent through half dollar and included a commemorative silver dollar.  

Some sets included a commemorative half dollar as well. The coins in the Prestige Proof Mint Set were encased in a leatherette folder along with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

The presentation and commemorative coins included in the Prestige Sets distinguished them from other sets. 

History of the U.S. Mint Prestige Proof Set 

The Prestige Proof Mint Sets were introduced for collectors who wanted an elegant presentation to showcase their proof coins. The commemorative dollars included in the sets were unique to that year and the 1983 Olympic Commemorative Silver Dollar was one of the first 90% silver dollars produced by the U.S. Mint since 1935. 

Where Were the Prestige Proof Sets Minted? 

Coins in the sets, including the commemorative coin, were produced from the U.S. Mint in San Francisco and bore the S mint mark. The commemorative silver dollars they included were the first 90% silver coins issued by the U.S. Mint  

What Commemorative Coins Were Included in Prestige Proof Mint Sets? 

Year of Issue Commemorative Dollar 
1983 Prestige Proof Mint 1983 Olympic Commemorative Silver Dollar depicting a discus thrower 
1984 Prestige Proof Mint 1984 Olympic Commemorative Silver Dollar featuring the Los Angeles Coliseum 
1986 Prestige Proof Mint 1986 Statue of Liberty Commemorative Silver Dollar and Half Dollar 
1987 Prestige Proof Mint 1987 Constitutional Commemorative Silver Dollar depicting the founding fathers 
1988 Prestige Proof Mint 1988 Olympic Commemorative Silver Dollar featuring the Olympic torch 
1989 Prestige Proof Mint 1989 Congressional Bicentennial Commemorative Silver Dollar and Half Dollar 
1990 Prestige Proof Mint 1990 Eisenhower Centennial Commemorative Silver Dollar 
1991 Prestige Proof Mint 1991 Mount Rushmore Commemorative Half Dollar and Silver Dollar 
1992 Prestige Proof Mint 1992 Olympic Commemorative Silver Dollar and Half Dollar featuring the Olympic flag 
1993 Prestige Proof Mint 1993 Bill of Rights Commemorative Half Dollar and Silver Dollar 
1994 Prestige Proof Mint 1994 World Cup Commemorative Half Dollar and Silver Dollar 
1995 Prestige Proof Mint 1995 Civil War Battlefield Preservation Half Dollar and Silver Dollar 
1996 Prestige Proof Mint 1996 Olympic Rowing Silver Dollar and Olympic Soccer Half Dollar 
1997 Prestige Proof Mint 1997 Commemorative Botanical Gardens Silver Dollar featuring the U.S. Botanic Garden 

Why Did the Prestige Proof Mint Set Program End? 

The Prestige Proof Set program was suspended in 1998 amid dismal sales. The $59 price tag was not considered accessible to many collectors and more importantly, the sets failed to capture the attention and adoration of collectors. Today the U.S. Mint issues multiple types of sets, including proof sets and circulating sets called Mint Sets. 

How To Collect Prestige Proof Sets 

Acquiring Prestige Proof Mint Sets today is relatively easy, although the 1996 set can be more elusive than the others. 

Most of the Prestige Proof Mint Sets issued by the U.S. Mint are priced at $60 except for the 1996 set. The 1996 Prestige Proof Mint Set had a lower mintage than the other sets with 55,000 sets made. For contrast, the 1990 Prestige Set had a mintage of 965,000.

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