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Colorado Springs

Coin Shops in Colorado Springs

If you are looking to buy, sell or trade Gold or Silver in Colorado Springs, APMEX has compiled a list of the top bullion dealers and coin shops in the area. Below is a list of some popular coin dealers in the Colorado Springs area:

Colorado Coin Galleries

Colorado Coin Galleries has been serving the Colorado Springs area in the coin and Precious Metal buying and selling business since 1976. Their inventory includes U.S. and foreign coins, Gold and Silver bullion coins, hallmarked Silver bars and coin books and supplies.

addres  3910 Maizeland Rd ,Colorado Springs, CO 80909
phone  (719) 597-8887

Falcon Coins

Falcon Coins is a home-based small business coin dealer that primarily deals online. They have an extensive online catalog available with a particular emphasis on U.S. and Canadian numismatic coins, though they offer world coins and bullion as well. Plenty of proof and uncirculated Silver Eagles, along with Silver Maple Leafs and some Platinum bullion help round out the inventory.

addres  11605 Meridian Market View ,Peyton, CO 80831
phone  (719) 495-9354

J&J Coins and Vintage

J&J Coins and Vintage is a coin shop based out of Pueblo that sells both in person and online. This dealer lists things it has a high inventory of online, but they have rarer numismatic coins and other low-volume offerings only for people that come into the brick and mortar or inquire directly. They are standing members of the ANA and buy much of their stock in volume.

addres  123 E Abriendo Ave ,Pueblo, CO 81004
phone  (719) 564-8099

Gold Rush

Gold Rush is a Precious Metals dealer with multiple locations around the state of Colorado. They deal in Gold, Silver and other Precious Metals in whatever form they come in as well as diamonds. Jewelry, flatware, scrap…they’ll offer a price on all of it. Gold Rush uses X-ray spectroscopy to evaluate Precious Metal content as opposed to more destructive methods like the acid test. They buy, but they do not sell to the public.

addres  5885 Stetson Hills Blvd. Suite 110 ,Colorado Springs, CO 80923
phone  303-282-4651

Antique Legacy

Antique Legacy buys and sells antiques and collectibles including Gold and Silver coins and other Precious Metal items, though it’s not their primary business. They deal in both individual items and complete estates. Inventory is variable because they’re a secondhand shop, not a dealer in bullion and Precious Metals.

addres  2624 W Colorado Ave ,Colorado Springs, CO 80904
phone  (719) 578-0637