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Coin Shops in Hartford

If you are looking to buy, sell or trade Gold or Silver in Hartford, APMEX has compiled a list of the top bullion dealers and coin shops in the area. Below is a list of some popular coin dealers in the Hartford area:

Good Ole Tom’s

Good Ole Tom’s is a dealer in jewelry, coins and antiques that’s been in business for nearly 50 years. They have locations around the United States and also keep significant inventory online. Good Ole Tom’s buys and sells jewelry, flatware, hollowware, scrap gold, dental gold, coins, currency, bullion and diamonds. They’re a dealer in numismatic coins including early U.S. Silver coins, Gold coins from around the world, Platinum and Palladium.

addres  1100 Main Street ,East Hartford, CT 06108
phone  (860) 289-8015

Olde Towne Coin Company, Inc.

From 1973 to 2018, Olde Towne Coin Company, Inc. operated a retail showroom in Newington. Numismatist Harold Kritzman ran the business with over four decades of experience in coinage, with a particular emphasis in twentieth century United States coins like Mercury Head Dimes, Standing Liberty Quarters and Walking Liberty Half Dollars. Olde Towne still buys and sells Gold, Silver and Platinum bullion and numismatic coins. as well as dealing in other Precious Metal products like jewelry, dental Gold and scrap. Make an appointment, though, beforehand to visit.

addres  P.O. Box 310602, Newington, CT 06131
phone  (860) 666-3045

Connecticut Valley Coin

Connecticut Valley Coin began as a dealer in Precious Metals, coins and bullion as a family owned business in 1977. In the early 1990s they expanded into the pawn business, which they still operate today. The primary focus of the business is still coins and bullion, though they take other forms of Precious Metals like jewelry, flatware and hollowware too.

addres  1009 Main Street ,Manchester, CT 06040
phone  (860) 643-6295

Vernon Coin Center

Vernon Coin Center offers a large variety of coins and stamps, including Gold and Silver bullion coins, for its clientele. They also specialize in foreign coins and Morgan and Peace Silver dollars. Plus, Vernon Coin Center carries NGC-certified coins.

addres  630 Talcottville Road #3 ,Vernon, CT 06066
phone  (860) 871-6951

Universal Stamp & Coin

Universal is a dealer of ancient, world and U.S. coins and currency. They also sell stamps, sports cards and memorabilia and medals to collectors and wholesale buyers. Plus, this NGC-authorized dealer offers books about coins to help investors and collectors make the smart numismatic choices.

addres  304 Broad Street ,New Britain, CT 06053
phone  860-827-9439

Pawn Queen

Pawn Queen is a pawn shop that does some business in Precious Metals, including Gold and Silver coins and bullion. They buy jewelry for both its intrinsic and its melt value, depending on what type of jewelry it is. Pawn Queen has an inventory that turns over on a regular basis because of its status as a pawn shop.

addres  1884 Berlin Turnpike ,Wethersfield, CT 06109
phone  (860) 563-7355