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Coin Shops in Lakeland

If you are looking to buy, sell or trade Gold or Silver in Lakeland, APMEX has compiled a list of the top bullion dealers and coin shops in the area. Below is a list of some popular coin dealers in the Lakeland area:

Hauser’s Coin Company

Hauser’s Coin Company started in Minneapolis in 1963, then moved to Lakeland in 1978. It’s been managed by the Hauser family for years, starting with Howard and his son Nicholas and continuing today with Nicholas’s son Michael. This store stocks a full line of supplies for coin collectors as well as an inventory of numismatic coins, Gold Eagles, and other major coins, bullion, and currency products.

addres  3425 South Florida Ave ,Lakeland, FL 33803
phone  (863) 647-2052

Lakeland Coin Exchange, Inc

Lakeland Coin Exchange has served the local area in buying and selling Gold and Silver coins and bullion since 1954. They now also buy and sell diamonds and other gems. Investors and collectors alike should each find something to catch their eyes here.

addres  122 South Tennessee Ave ,Lakeland, FL 33801
phone  (863) 686-7103