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Overland Park

Coin Shops in Overland Park

If you are looking to buy, sell or trade Gold or Silver in Overland Park, APMEX has compiled a list of the top bullion dealers and coin shops in the area. Below is a list of some popular coin dealers in the Overland Park area:

Mission Pawn / House of Stuart

The House of Stuart is a company established in 1969 to serve coin collectors and investors. They are members of the ANA, PCGS, NGC, ICG, ICTA, PNG and more and have extensive experience in numismatics and the bullion market. Mission Pawn is an outgrowth and subsidiary of that business that deals in short-term loans and other types of merchandise as well.

addres 5960 Lamar Ave. ,Mission, KS 66202
phone (913) 831-1484

Lyn Knight Currency Auctions

Lyn Knight is an auction company that deals in all sorts of collectibles, from posters to coins. They buy and sell coins and currency through auctions and their e-shops on a regular basis.

addres P.O. Box 7364 ,Overland Park, KS 66207
phone (913) 338-3779

Precious Metals and Gems

Precious Metals and Gems was established in 1979 as a dealer in coins, gems and jewelry. This company does appraisals and pays money for things like scrap Gold or jewelry as well as Gold, Silver and Platinum whether pure or alloy. They are also buyers of currency and deal in collectible coins, both rare and common.

addres 8230 Metcalf Ave. ,Overland Park, KS 66204
phone 913-440-0941