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New Orleans

Coin Shops in New Orleans

If you are looking to buy, sell or trade Gold or Silver in New Orleans, APMEX has compiled a list of the top bullion dealers and coin shops in the area. Below is a list of some popular coin dealers in the New Orleans area:

Top Dollar Gold Buyers

Top Dollar Gold Buyers buys Gold, Silver, Platinum and other Precious Metals in many different forms. They will accept items that are made with alloys like sterling Silver or scrap Gold as well as pure bullion or coins. They deal in rare coins as well for those who are looking to offload collections.

addres 1660 Barataria Blvd. ,Marrero, LA 70072
phone (504) 941-7854

Causeway Coin Co.

Causeway Coin Co. specializes in rare and investment coins, including pre-1933 U.S. Gold coins, Silver Dollars, Euro Gold, Eagles, Buffalos, Philharmonics, NGC slabbed coins and all U.S. type coins. The most valuable coins aren’t on immediate display but are available by appointment for collectors who want to get them. This company buys and sells Gold, Silver and Platinum, including dental Gold, flatware, watches and scrap. They have the tools for fast, accurate readings to get people in and out fast with the maximum value.

addres 3031 N Causeway Blvd. ,Metairie, LA 70002
phone (504) 832-8050

New Orleans Silver and Gold

New Orleans Silver and Gold is a bullion dealer based out of New Orleans. They buy and sell Gold and Silver, including jewelry, silverware, 90% junk Silver coins, Krugerrands, Eagles, bars and more. This dealer also does some business with rare numismatic coins, especially NGC or PCGS slabbed coins.

addres 935 Gravier St. Ste 1020 ,New Orleans, LA 70112
phone (504) 858-4653