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Washington – Double Head Cent – (Undated)

Learn About Undated Double Head Washington Cents

A popular Washington Colonial Token is the “Double-Head” Token. This copper token is undated but even though it was struck in the 1820 – the 1840s, it is collected with colonial coins. We believe that this token is extremely similar to the Washington Military Bust tokens of 1783. The busts on both are extremely similar to one another. 

Unlike the Washington Military Bust tokens, the military garb is extremely close in style but unlike the Military Bust tokens, there is no button on the collar.  It is believed that this token was also designed by Thomas Wells Ingram and struck at Bolton’s Soho Mint of Birmingham, England. These Double-Head Cents did circulate in the Colonies (later States) until the 1850’s when all foreign coins and tokens were rendered not acceptable for debts and payments in the United States.

The bust does appear to be very close in appearance to that of British Lord Wellington. It is only one of two Washington tokens with a “ONE CENT” denomination.

The obverse is a left-facing George Washington, in military garb. Above the bust, at the periphery, is “WASHINGTON”. Below the bust is an elongated eight-pointed star. Washington is wearing a laurel wreath on his head.

The reverse is also a left-facing Washington, in military garb, with no button on the collar, laurel-wreath on his head. Above his head at the periphery is the denomination – “ONE CENT” – and the elongated eight-pointed star below the bust.

(An undated George Washington Double Head Cent, Obverse [left], Reverse [right].)

These tokens were well-circulated and no examples have been seen, or have appeared at any recent auction, that are still in strictly uncirculated condition with original mint color and luster. One of the finest known examples is a PCGS-graded example which has been graded as Mint State-62 Brown.

DateTypeMintageFine ValueUnc Value
UndatedDouble HeadUnknown$150$2,500

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