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Washington – Grate Token – 1793

Learn About Thomas Wyon’s 1793 Washington Grate Token

Thomas Wyon designed a 1795 British copper Halfpenny token that utilized the bust of President Washington. It was designed for the London firm of Clark & Harris, who were exporters of and dealers in stoves and fireplace screens, also called Grates!

The obverse of this token has a smaller military bust of President Washington, facing right. Around the periphery is inscribed “G. WASHINGTON. THE FIRM FRIEND TO PEACE & HUMANITY.”

The reverse of this token has an ornate fireplace grate as the central vignette with the legend “PAYABLE BY CLARK & HARRIS 13. WORMWOOD St. BISHOPSGATE.” Below the Grate is the word “LONDON” and below that is the date “1793.”

(A 1795 Washington – Grate Token, Large Button Variety, Obverse [left], Reverse [right].)

This token was struck in both a Large Button and rarer Small Button varieties, referring to the buttons on President Washington’s military tunic that he is wearing. The Large Button variety comes with a plain edge or a lettered edge. The lettered edge states “PAYABLE AT LONDON, LIVERPOOL OR BRISTOL.”

This token was used in commerce in England but is widely collected as part of the American colonial coin collections.

All three varieties are available and collectible in a nice mid-grade.

DateTypeMintageFine ValueUnc Value
1795Large Buttons, Lettered Edge200 – 300$200$1,750
1795Large Buttons, Reeded Edge200-300$100$850
1795Small Buttons, Reeded Edge200-300$100$1,500

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