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Washington – North Wales Halfpenny – 1795

Learn About 1795 Washington North Wales Halfpennies

It is believed that these tokens were also minted in Birmingham, England, by William Lutwyche. Although it also features a portrait of George Washington, in a military coat, facing left, it is an undated and undenominated piece. What also makes this different is that there is a misspelling of George Washington as “GEORGEIVS WASHINGTON” instead of “GEORGIVS WASHINGTON”, using the Roman “V” as a “U”.

The obverse has a portrait of Washington, facing left, with the misspelled “GEORGEIVS WASHINGTON” above him on the periphery. The reverse has an Irish harp as the central vignette, with a crown atop it and a sixfoil (a six-petal rosette) on either side of the base of the harp.

(A [1795] North Wales Halfpenny, Plain edge. Obverse [left], Reverse {right].)

The second and much rare variety is also struck in copper.  But the obverse has the same portrait of George Washington in a military coat, facing left with the misspelling “GEORGEIVS WASHINGTON” above and on the periphery.

The reverse also depicts an Irish harp, with a crown atop it, and “NORTH WALES” above it and separated by the tip of the crown. It also has sixfoils separated by the bottom of the harp.  This has an inscribed edge with “PAYABLE IN LANCA, LONDON OR BRISTOL.” 

This RARE variety is made of brass rather than copper and is likely to have only 10 known examples in existence. It is very difficult to find.

(A [1795] undated North Wales Halfpenny, lettered Edge, Obverse [left], Reverse [Right].)

The final variety is much rarer than the other two and is also undated and undenominated. It has a plain edge as well and the obverse design is exactly like both prior designs – Washington, in a military coat, facing left with “GEORGEIVS WASHINGTON” around. The reverse depicts the by now familiar Irish Harp as the central image, with a crown atop it and “NORTH WALES” above the harp on the reverse of the coin. But instead of a sixfoil on each side of the Harp, there are two five-pointed stars on each side of the harp. 

(A [1795] North Wales Halfpenny, with 2 stars on each side of the Harp on the reverse. Obverse [right], Reverse [left].)

DateTypeMintageFine ValueAbt. Unc Value
(1795)North Wales HalfpennyUnknown$250$1,250
(1795)Same, Lettered Edge10 Known$1,400$8,500
(1795)Two Stars at Each Side of Harp2-5 Known$6,500$35,000

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