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Washington President – Born VA – 1792

Learn About Rare 1792 Washington President – Born in VA

It was long believed that the same British minter, W. and Alexander Walker had also struck, in 1792, before the news of Washington’s disapproval, coins with the same Washington President obverse but these had a legend on the reverse instead of an eagle. But it is now believed that Jacob Perkins of Newburyport, MA actually created these coins using a 1791 Washington Large Eagle Cent as a model.

The coin’s obverse looks strikingly like the 1791 Washington Cent with the Large American Eagle. Washington, in military garb, faces left and on the left periphery is the word “WASHINGTON” and on the right periphery is the word “PRESIDENT.” The date, “1792” is centered below the bust.

But the reverse is totally different. Instead of a Large or Small size American eagle, there are ten lines of text with a six-pointed star above. The reverse reads “GENERAL – OF THE – AMERICAN ARMIES – 1776 – RESIGNED – 1783 – PRESIDENT – OF THE – UNITED STATES – 1789”.

(A 1792 Washington President – Legend Reverse – Copper, Obverse {left], Reverse {right}.)

It is unclear as to how many of these Washington tokens were actually struck but they exist with both a Plain edge (scarce) and a Lettered Edge (exceedingly rare).

The next variation has a different obverse and reverse.

The obverse of the next Washington piece utilizes an extremely similar military bust of Washington, facing left but around the periphery is the legend “GEO. WASHINGTON BORN VIRGINIA FEB. 11. 1732.” It is otherwise undated. One rare variety utilized the Large American Eagle from the 1791 Washington Large Eagle cent and also has 13 six-pointed stars above the eagle. There is only 3 known of this variety of copper Washington token.

(A [1792] Washington Born Virginia Token, with Eagle Reverse, Obverse [left], Reverse {right].)

The next variety dispenses with the Large Eagle Reverse and instead has the legend “GENERAL – OF THE – AMERICAN ARMIES – 1776 – RESIGNED – 1783 – PRESIDENT – OF THE – UNITED STATES – 1789”.  This is also struck in copper.

(A Washington Born Virginia Copper with Legend Reverse, Obverse [left], Reverse [right].)

The last variety is UNIQUE! It is the updated (1792) Washington Born Virginia Token, with the Legend Reverse, that is lettered on the edge to spell out “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and is made of Silver. Only one example is known and has ever been seen in any condition.

(The [1792] Washington Born Virginia Token, legend Reverse, struck in Silver – UNIQUE! Obverse [left], Reverse [right].)
DateTypeMintageFine ValueXF Value
(1792)Washington, President, Legend Plain EdgeUnknown$8,000$60,000
(1792)As above but Lettered EdgeRare—-—-
(1792)Washington Born Virginia, Large Eagle Reverse3 Known—-—-
(1792)Washington Born Virginia, Legend ReverseEst 150$1,750$6,500
(1792)Washington Born Virginia, Lettered Edge – United States of America – SilverUnique—-—-

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