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Washington – Ship Halfpenny – 1793

Learn About the 1793 George Washington Ship Halfpenny

John Gregory Hancock’s designs for the Washington Large Eagle and Small Eagle Cents of 1791 were unwanted by the US Mint and President Washington. So the Small and Large Eagle versions were moved to other Condor Tokens (British Commercial Halfpennies).

The coin that saw the most use was the mating of the George Washington obverse with a 1793 Ship Halfpenny. This coin utilized the obverse of the 1791 Washington Small Eagle cent with a Ship Token. It is well-collected by US Colonial coin collectors and highly desirable.

The obverse of the 1793 Ship Halfpenny used the Small Eagle Obverse. It has a military bust of President Washington, facing left, with “WASHINGTON – PRESIDENT” around the periphery. There is no date on the obverse.

The reverse of this coin depicts a ship in full sail, heading right, flags flying in a stiff breeze. At the top periphery is “HALFPENNY” and at the bottom of the reverse periphery is the date “1793.”

(A 1793 Ship’s Halfpenny, Obverse [left], Reverse {right].

There are two varieties of this coin – an Extremely Rare Plain Edge variety and a Lettered Edge variety on which is inscribed, “PAYABLE IN ANGLESEY LONDON OR LIVERPOOL. X.” which is the much more common and affordable variety.

The lettered edge variety has several hundred examples known in all conditions. There is a RARE Lettered Edge specimen in brass, rather than copper, that is unique. The variety with the plain edge has 3 or 4 known specimens. Although there are actually three different varieties to collect, only the Ship Halfpenny with the Lettered Edge, struck in Copper is affordable and available.

DateTypeMintageFine ValueUnc Value
1793Ship Halfpenny, Lettered Edge in Copper150 -250$250$3,500
1793Ship Halfpenny, Lettered Edge in Brass1 KnownPricelessPriceless
1793Ship Halfpenny, Plain Edge3-4 KnownPricelessPriceless

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