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Commemorative King Charles III Coronation Coins

In 2023, the world witnessed a momentous event as King Charles III ascended to the throne—marking a new era for the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. To commemorate this historic event, various mints and governments worldwide released exquisite commemorative King Charles coins and currency to pay tribute to King Charles III’s coronation. These coins aim to encapsulate this event’s historical impact and the British monarchy’s legacy.

The Royal Mint

As the official mint of the United Kingdom, The Royal Mint played a pivotal role in releasing a remarkable collection of commemorative coins for King Charles III’s coronation. These highly detailed coins feature iconic symbols and elements of the monarchy. From traditional portraits of the monarch to intricate royal emblems, each coin is a testament to the rich heritage of royals in the United Kingdom.

Royal Mint King Charles III Coins: 50 pence, £5 Crown, Ounce, Sovereign (£5), and coin sets.

The London Mint Office

The London Mint Office is a private British numismatic company that the Norwegian Samlerhuset AS owns. The London Mint Office provides various ancient, modern, and world coins. To celebrate the new king and honor the late queen, the London Mint Office offers a King Charles III Coronation Commemorative Fifty Pence showing past and present monarchs. A Britannia Pound Note displaying King Charles III is also available to remember this historic event.

A limited-run commemorative coin was also created to memorialize the coronation. Only 500,000 of these coins were struck, and they are available for free as a “gift to the nation” until supplies are depleted. Most King Charles coins and pound notes are limited releases.

London Mint Office Offerings: 50 pence, Pound Note, fairmined gold layered coin, passing of the crown 50 pence, passing of the crown gold proof quarter sovereign, “new era” gold quarter sovereign, “the love story” proof silver sovereign, and commemorative sets.

Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint, known for its exceptional craftsmanship, joined the global celebration of King Charles III’s coronation by minting commemorative coins. These coins display King Charles III’s effigy alongside distinct Canadian motifs. The use of Canadian symbols not only honors the monarchy but also represents the close relationship between Canada and the British Crown.

Royal Canadian Mint King Charles III Coins: $10 pure gold coin, $5 pure silver coin, and a limited-edition proof silver dollar.

Perth Mint

The Perth Mint commemorated King Charles III’s coronation in Australia with a proof silver coin. Renowned for its high-quality designs, the Perth Mint’s new coin features the King’s portrait on the obverse and iconic Australian imagery, such as native fauna, landscapes, and historical landmarks on the reverse. This coin is a beautiful combination of British royal tradition and Australian heritage, celebrating the lasting bond between the two nations.

Whether crafted by the Royal Mint or London Mint Office in the United Kingdom, the Royal Canadian Mint in Canada, the Perth Mint in Australia, or other esteemed mints worldwide, each commemorative coin is a testament to the craftsmanship and artistry dedicated to honoring King Charles III’s ascension to the throne. Collectors, royal enthusiasts, and history lovers will cherish these numismatic treasures. They are symbols of the coronation and the enduring legacy of the British monarchy.

Update: Commonwealth Currency Featuring King Charles

After Queen Elizabeth II’s passing in September 2022, the Commonwealth countries were faced with decisions regarding future currency. Would they continue to use the British Monarchy on its currency? If so, when would they swap Queen Elizabeth II’s effigy for King Charles III’s effigy?

Since September, some Commonwealth countries have announced their next move. For example, the United Kingdom was the first country to introduce banknotes featuring the new King in December 2022 and announced that the new banknotes would circulate in mid-2024. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand also stated that it would use King Charles III’s likeness on future coins, but the transition would take several years.

On the other hand, Australia will not use the King’s portrait on its new $5 note and will instead use a design honoring its Indigenous people. Although, the King will appear on new coins that have featured Queen Elizabeth II in the past.

The Royal Canadian Minted started including His Majesty King Charles III with artwork by Steven Rosati in 2024.

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