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Roosevelt Dimes – Key Dates & Varieties

The Roosevelt Dime was struck the year after Franklin Delano Roosevelt died. The U.S. Mint rushed to get the series into production and circulation as FDR was the only President elected to 4 terms in office. He saw the nation through the Great Depression and nearly through all of World War II. The series, issued between 1946 and today, has only a small handful of key dates or varieties. Between 1946 and 1964, the coins were struck in 90% silver, as were all U.S. Dimes, Quarters and Half Dollars. Clad coinage has been struck from 1965 onward. 

For more historical information, read our article on the history of the Roosevelt Dime.

Key Dates and Varieties

Among the Doubled Obverse and Reverse coins and mintmarks over underlying mintmarks, there are additional varieties of these coins. You can find coins that come proof-like, meaning that the coin was struck with new or recently-polished dies.  

In addition, there are “Full Band” or “Full Torch” coins in this series. PCGS calls these superbly-struck coins as “Full Bands,” the same connotation is used with Mercury Dimes. NGC takes this a step further than PCGS does. Not only does NGC use the “Full Bands” designation, but it also calls coins that are “Full Bands” but also have complete and full vertical lines in the torch as “Full Torch” coins. 

Not Full Bands
Full Bands

Full Torch = Full Bands and Full Horizontal Lines

90% Silver Roosevelt Dime Varieties

1953-S Over S Roosevelt Dime

This over-mintmark displays an “S” over another “S.” The under-S is usually higher and to the left of the over mintmark. 

1960 Doubled Date Obverse

The 1960 Roosevelt Dime comes with a Doubled Date Obverse, where the doubling is prominently visible around the date. The other lettering is rarely doubled.

1963 Doubled Die Reverse

The reverse doubling is primarily noticeable on the words “ONE DIME” and occasionally on the words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”

1964-D Doubled Die Reverse

On this coin, the reverse doubling is most prominent on the words “ONE DIME.” It is significantly scarcer than the 1963 Doubled Die Reverse Roosevelt Dime.  

Roosevelt Dime Clad Varieties – 1965 to current

1982 No Mintmark, Strong Strike

The “P” mintmark on this coin is missing from the obverse. The Strong Strike refers to a strong and separate rim on the coin. The strike overall is much stronger than the “Weak Strike.” 

1982 No Mintmark, Weak Strike

The “P” mintmark is missing on this coin and the rims, especially on the obverse, are weak.

1982 Roosevelt NO “P” Dime, Strong


Date MM Mintage Very Fine Abt Unc Ch Unc 
1953 “S” Over “S” Unknown $10 $20 $40 
1960 Dbl Date Obv Pf Unknown $25 $50 $150 
1963 Dbl Die Rev Pf Unknown $15 $30 $150 
1964-D Dbl Die Rev Unknown $25 $50 $100 
1982 No “P” Strong Unknown $45 $100 $200 
1982 No “P” Weak Unknown $15 $30 $75 
1946-1964 Common Unknown $1.50 $1.75 $2.50 
1965 – Now Common Unknown $.10 $.25 $1.25 
1946-1964 FB Unknown — $10 $50 

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