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What is Bag Damage?

Bag Marks and Bag Damage on Coins

Whether you buy a single coin or a bag of coins, you might come across bag damage. Like striking errors, bag damage can range in severity from slight to major. Even though some of them are harder to spot, they will affect the mint state of the coin or the coin grade. Bag damage is referred to as bag marks, but the results are the same. As damage goes, bag damage or bag marks are more common than other damaged coins.

Bag Marks or Bag Damage Examples

Morgan Silver Dollar with Damage Mark

Damage Marks

Bag Marks

When you buy Silver bags or a bag of coins, it is always a good idea to see if you can spot any damage on the coins. All coins are not immune to bag marks and they are one of the most difficult things to prevent. When you spot damage, do not discard it.

There are still coin values with coins that have bag marks because some damage is minute. Bag mark coins may have a lower grade but that does not mean the coin is void of value. It is important to note that these coins are not mint error coins because the damage was done after it left the mint. This can in some ways determine the value of the coin as well.

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