How to Store Silver

The obverse and reverse of a Silver American Eagle for an article titled "How to Store Silver."

When storing your silver, keeping condition, space, and security in mind is important to create the best solution for you. 

How To Store Silver Bars

Want to make your Silver bar storage situation top-notch? This guide outlines how to store Silver bars safely and securely.

What is Silver Stacking?

silver stacking

We hear about Silver Stackers today, but do we know who they really are, or what they do? It is a common question among those who coin collecting, but it is not all that clear. Silver Stackers play an important role in numismatics and coin collecting. Find out more about Silver Stackers here.

What is a Silver IRA?

Some financial influencers are fans of Silver IRAs. Find out what they are, how they work and how they differ from other types of IRAs.

Affordable Investments: American Silver Eagles

affordable investments: american silver eagles

First released in 1986, the American Silver Eagle is the United States’ official Silver bullion coin. Silver Eagles are also IRA-eligible, as they meet the fineness requirements as defined by the IRS. In addition to the bullion version, the United States Mint has produced Proof versions and uncirculated versions for collectors.

The Basics of Investing in Silver

When considering the live price of Silver and whether to invest, you will want to know the basics with help from APMEX. The price on Silver reflects supply and demand – so it’s important to know the economics that factor into the Silver coin price or Silver bar price you pay.