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How To Store Silver Bars

The Space and Security You’ll Need to Store Your Silver Bars

Proper Silver bar storage is an important aspect of bullion ownership. Thoughtful storage solutions facilitate condition retention and security. Whether you are new to holding Silver bars or are just looking for a storage overhaul, this guide will help you make your Silver storage environment top-notch.

The top two considerations in silver bar storage are space and security.


Gold bars are frequently stored in small spaces. However, Silver bars are less dense than Gold, requiring significantly more storage room. Consequently, organization and planning are the keys to a good storage situation.

A good organizational system can help you keep track of what you have and utilize every square inch of space. First, measure the available capacity in the desired storage area to ensure that there is adequate room for your valuable Precious Metals. Then, develop a system to stack your Silver bars inside. Investors frequently use special storage containers to utilize space strategically. Finally, keep a secure log of what you have. Organized storage data can be an invaluable reference tool for future Precious Metal purchase prep.

Tip: Storage containers are not all equal in composition. Consider the material’s breathability and quality, as containers may remain in contact with your bullion items for years to come. It’s also important to consider the dimensions of your bars, as not all are the same size or uniformity, despite being a common weight, such as Pioneer Metals’ unique 1 kilo silver bar, for example. APMEX offers a variety of Precious Metal Storage Containers that our staff numismatists have vetted.

Did You Know?
Solutions like burying Silver bars underground or keeping them in a mattress hole are not recommended. Heat and humidity can wreak havoc on Precious Metals, diminishing overall appearance and condition via corrosion. Ideally, your Precious Metals should be kept in a cool, dry place. Tip: Control moisture in your storage area with Silica Gel Dehumidifier Packs.


Physical Precious Metals are a popular investment choice due to their easy liquidation and unique value. However, because of the nature of physical assets, one must consider the threat of theft when storing Silver bars.

The ideal secure solution starts with discretion. Those who know about your Silver bar stash should be kept to a minimum. This can reduce the threat of theft and provide you with extra peace of mind.

Next, select a secure location to store your Silver bars. Some neglect to consider factors outside of theft that can affect security. For example, natural disasters, such as tornadoes or hurricanes, could cause detrimental effects on your Silver bar storage solution.

Now that you know the basics of Silver bar storage, read on to learn more about popular storage solutions.

Where Do People Store Physical Silver Bars?

There are a variety of storage solutions available to Silver bar owners. However, they are not all equal in the realms of safety and capacity. See the pros and cons of each below:

Home Safes

This solution is frequently touted by Silver enthusiasts. However, it is not always feasible or advisable. Consider the capacity of your home safe before keeping your Silver stack on-site. Although home storage solutions offer easy bullion access in emergencies, they can introduce vulnerabilities to intruder access and present space constraints.

In-Home Hiding Spots

Some suggest hiding bullion in places like clothing drawers, attics and hollowed-out books. Although some Silver enthusiasts swear by this solution, it can present vulnerabilities easily avoided with other affordable solutions. Ultimately, in-home hiding spots can be insecure and forgettable. Consequently, other solutions should be sought out when possible.

Bank Safety Deposit Boxes

Bank safety deposit boxes are a less popular solution for Silver bullion buyers. Although they offer higher security than home safes, they are frequently very small, and access to one’s valuables is restricted to regular business hours.

Maximum-Security Storage

Maximum-security storage is normally the most advisable solution, as it ensures that your Precious Metals are always accounted for. When trusted professionals guard your Silver bars, you can rest assured that they will remain in good condition at all times.

Did You Know? Some Silver owners suggest storing Silver bars in diverse storage locations. For example, some investors store a small number of easily accessible Silver bars in a home safe and put the rest in monitored maximum-security storage.


The Bottom Line

However you choose to store your Precious Metals, remember to consider space and security. If you desire a vetted maximum-security solution, check out what APMEX recommends below:

Store Silver Bars With Citadel

With Citadel, storing your Precious Metals is easy and affordable. Citadel is a wholly-owned subsidiary of APMEX that provides maximum-security storage for your Precious Metals. The private storage facility is managed by Brink’s, one of the world’s leading security companies.

Citadel customers can rest assured that their Silver bars are always protected and can be easily accessed when the time comes. Get storage peace of mind today with Citadel.

Learn about Citadel Trusted Storage Solutions.

Quick Guides to Investing

Step 1:

Why Buy Physical Gold and Silver?

If you are concerned about the volatility of the stock market, you’re not alone. The extreme highs and lows of the stock market often lead investors towards safe-haven assets, like bullion. Historically, the Precious Metals market has an inverse relationship with the stock market, meaning that when stocks are up, bullion is down and vice versa.

Step 2:

How Much Gold and Silver Should You Have?

This question is one of the most important for investors to answer. After all, experts suggest limits on how much of any types of investments should go into a portfolio. After deciding to purchase and own Precious Metals and considering how much money to allocate, one can then think about how much and what to buy at any point in time.

Step 3:

Which Precious Metals Should I Buy?

With the frequent changes in the market and countless Precious Metal products available, choosing investments can be difficult. Some want Gold or Silver coins, rounds or bars while others want products that are valuable because of their design, mintage or other collectible qualities. Also, collectors may shop for unique sets and individual pieces for their collections.

Step 4:

When to Buy Gold & Silver

After considering why, how much, and what Precious Metals products to buy, an investor’s next step is when to buy them. This decision requires an understanding of market trends and the impact of economic factors on precious metal prices.

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