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American Silver Eagles vs Morgan Silver Dollars

The Morgan Dollar and the American Silver Eagle coin are significant pieces of American numismatic history but have distinct characteristics and purposes. Your decision to purchase one over the other depends on whether you prioritize historical significance and numismatic appeal (Morgan Dollars) or purity, liquidity, and modern reliability (American Silver Eagles).  

When making your choice, consider your collecting preferences, investment objectives, and budget constraints. Additionally, it’s always wise to research market trends and consult with reputable dealers or financial advisors for personalized guidance. 

Who Buys America Silver Eagles and Morgan Silver Dollars Summarized 

America Silver Eagles and Morgan Silver Dollars appeal to a broad spectrum of individuals looking to diversify their portfolios or enhance their collections with tangible assets of enduring value. 

America Silver Eagles 

In many situations, Eagles are collected as investments to preserve wealth. While some collect these coins as a hobby, they primarily attract investors. These coins also include more silver content than the Morgan. 

Morgan Silver Dollars 

Collectors are drawn to their beauty, rarity, and historical significance, often seeking specific dates, mint marks, or variations to add to their collections. However, investors are also attracted to these coins as they hope to make potentially profitable purchases. 

American Silver Eagles and Morgan Silver Dollars Compared 

 American Silver Eagle Morgan Silver Dollars 
Years Minted 1986-1874-1904, 1921 
Silver Purity .999 .90 
Metal Content  1 troy oz .7734 troy oz 
Thickness 2.98 mm 3.1 mm 
Diameter  40.6 mm 31.1 mm 
Why Minted Liberty Coin Act of 1985 Bland-Allison Act of 1878 
Designer  Adolph A. Weinman & John Mercanti George T. Morgan 
Obverse Lady Liberty Lady Liberty 
Reverse Eagle Eagle 
Chart comparing American Silver Eagles and Morgan Silver Dollars. 


Morgan Dollars are widely collected, with many common dates available at affordable prices. However, certain key dates and mint marks can be quite rare and valuable. 

American Silver Eagles are produced in large quantities annually, making them readily available for investors and collectors. However, specific special editions or graded examples may carry more value. 


The American Silver Eagle has become one of the world’s most popular and recognizable bullion coins. It is widely sought after by investors and collectors for its purity, quality, and iconic designs. Additionally, special editions and collector sets, including proof and burnished versions, are released annually, further enhancing its appeal among collectors. 

Despite being minted for a relatively short period, the Morgan Dollar remains one of the most iconic and beloved coins in American history. Its large size, intricate design, and historical significance have made it a favorite among collectors and investors. Today, Morgan Dollars are highly sought after for their silver content, numismatic value, and historical appeal, with certain rare dates and mint marks commanding significant premiums in the market. 


As with all coins, key dates, special editions, collections, or graded versions may hold more value than others. 

Morgan Silver Dollars 

Many Morgan Dollars have numismatic value beyond their silver content, with specific dates, mint marks, and conditions commanding significant premiums. Collectors enjoy the thrill of hunting for rare varieties and completing sets. 

While common-date Morgan Dollars are relatively easy to find and purchase, rare varieties can be more challenging to acquire and may come with higher price tags. 

American Silver Eagles 

Many investors choose American Silver Eagles for their bullion value and as a hedge against economic uncertainty. They are viewed as a reliable store of wealth and a tangible asset for portfolio diversification. 

As one of the most recognized and trusted silver bullion coins in the world, American Silver Eagles offer liquidity and market recognition. They are widely accepted by dealers and investors globally. 

Historical Context 

These two coins were created for different reasons. The Morgan dollar was created as part of the Blank-Allision Act of 1878 to move more silver into circulation. The American Eagle was introduced in response to the Liberty Coin Act of 1985 to introduce a U.S backed silver bullion coin. 

Silver Morgan Dollar 

The Morgan Dollar was named after its designer, George T. Morgan, who was an English-born engraver working for the United States Mint. It was first minted in 1878, following the passage of the Bland-Allison Act, which required the U.S. Treasury to purchase large quantities of silver and convert it into coinage. 

The Morgan Dollar was minted from 1878 to 1904 and then again in 1921. It was struck at various mint facilities across the United States during its production, including Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, Denver, and Carson City. Each mint mark can affect the coin’s rarity and value. 

American Silver Eagle 

The American Silver Eagle was introduced by the United States Mint in 1986, following the passage of the Liberty Coin Act of 1985. The Act was enacted to authorize the minting and issuance of silver bullion coins with a weight, content, and purity guaranteed by the United States government. 

The American Silver Eagle has been minted continuously since its introduction in 1986. It is struck at the United States Mint’s facilities in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and West Point. The West Point Mint is the primary facility for producing bullion and proof versions of the coin. 

America Silver Eagles and Morgan Silver Dollars attract diverse buyers, from investors seeking stability and tangible assets to collectors fascinated by their historical significance and beauty. These coins hold enduring value and appeal to individuals interested in preserving wealth, exploring American history, and engaging in the world of numismatics. Whether purchased for investment purposes or as treasured additions to collections, America Silver Eagles and Morgan Silver Dollars continue to captivate buyers with their timeless appeal and intrinsic worth. 

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